57.687 Decimal to Binary

How to convert decimal number to binary number?

To convert a decimal number to a binary number, you have to convert the integers and decimals separately and then just add them together.

(1) Convert a decimal integer to a binary integer

Method: divide by 2 to get a remainder. With 2 to remove the decimal number to be converted, until the quotient is equal to 0 until the remainder of the resulting times in reverse order, the last time the remainder of the highest position. That is, the converted binary number.

Example of converting 33 to binary.233…………1




So 33=10000IB or 33D=10000IB

(2) Convert decimal decimal to binary

Method: Multiply by 2 to round. That is, with 2 successive to multiply the pure decimal part, until the pure decimal part of zero or to meet the required precision, each time the product of the integer part of the order, you get the required binary decimal.

Example of converting 0.375 to a binary number.




The integer part is 0 and the fractional part is 0.751.50

The integer part is 1 and the fractional part is 0.50.5


The integer part is 1 and the fractional part is 0. Therefore, 0.375=0.011B, or Write 0.375D=0.011B