Add desktop shortcut to iphone

How to set desktop shortcuts on Apple phones

Set up as follows:

1. Open the phone screen, find Settings and open it.

2, pop-up menu, find General.

3, open the General, find the auxiliary functions.

4, open the auxiliary functions, drop down the menu to find AssistiveTouch.

5, click to enter, open AssistiveTouch, set the desktop shortcut can be.

Apple phone desktop how to display shortcuts

Desktop has been locked to unlock the steps are as follows:

Tools / raw materials: IPhone12, IOS15.5.

1, click on the desktop and wallpaper, click and go to the settings software. Or you can click on the display and brightness to open the settings, click on the display and brightness of the option.

2. Then you can click on Desktop Settings, on the Desktop and Wallpapers page, and then you can click on Desktop Settings. Or you can click on Auto Lock on the Display & Brightness page and click on the Auto Lock option.

3, then you can cancel the lock layout, in the Desktop Settings page, then you can lock the layout of the right side of the blue button, slide to cancel. Or you can click Never on the Auto Lock page, click Never on it.

Desktop shortcuts:

Users can also create an icon on the desktop for their frequently used programs. By double-clicking this icon to run the program, this way of running the program is called a shortcut. Right-click on a blank space on the screen and select “New” in the pop-up menu, then click “Shortcut”.

In the dialog box, enter the name of the program corresponding to the shortcut or click the “Browse” button to select a program, click the “Next” and “Finish” buttons, a shortcut is created on the desktop. Click Next and Finish to create a shortcut on your desktop. You can hold down the icon with the left mouse button and drag and drop it anywhere on the screen.

The long bar at the bottom of the desktop is the taskbar, which displays the programs you are running (Windows 7/8 systems can also display fixed programs).

With the taskbar unlocked, you can drag it to all four sides of the screen by pressing and holding down on it with the left mouse button; the size of the taskbar can also be changed by moving the mouse cursor to the border of the taskbar, and you’ll see that the cursor turns into an up and down arrow, at which point you press the left mouse button and drag it, and then you can change the size of the taskbar.

Apple phone desktop shortcuts how to set out

Setting method is as follows:

1, click Settings, click General, click into the auxiliary function.

2. Scroll down and click Assistive Touch.

3, click to open the auxiliary touch control right switch, and then click the following custom top menu, you can replace the shortcut keys in the small white dots to set.

4, then just click on the little white ball to open the screen shortcuts.

Apple phone how to add desktop shortcuts

The specific method is:

1, open the phone’s “Settings” into the “General” click on “Accessibility” in the “Physical Activity”. Click on “Physical Activity” in “General”.

2, and then “AssistiveTouch” to start can be.

3, after the opening of the desktop in the iphone phone will appear a small white circle, your finger point it to unfold the “home button” menu, the bottom of the “home screen” key is equivalent to the HOME button.


1. Open a QQ friend’s chat dialog box, and click on the “People” icon in the upper right corner of the friend.

2. Find and click “Add Desktop Shortcut”, wait for the prompt has been created to return to the desktop of the phone you can see the QQ friends avatar.


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