Baidu map labeling change notes where to change

How to mark and modify notes on mobile Baidu map

Click on the place you want to mark, there will be a small window with a five-pointed star at the top, which is the collection, and to modify it, please refer to the following figure:

Hello! How to change the name of Baidu map labeling

Hello! How to change the name of Baidu map marker,How to change the user name of Baidu map marker?

To change the Baidu map labeling, you need to claim it first and then submit an application to change it.

1, the merchant with the business license issued by the industry and commerce department, marking the claim;

2, after the success of the claim, if you need to change the name of the merchant, send an email to: lbs-op@.

Baidu map labeling after the discovery of the map labeling is wrong, how to change? Ask for help!

Enter the page, there is a “Complaint Center” in the lower left, click in, fill in the content, and then click “Submit”, it’s OK

Baidu map labeling problems

This can be contacted Baidu Maps related personnel, it is possible to label, but some may charge a fee.

This can be done by contacting the Baidu Maps staff, and it is possible to mark the map, but some may be charged, and some are not.

:nlbc…. /lbs-lbc/index.action?from=map

How do I change a location error marked by Baidu Maps?

Click to modify the error, modified, submit and wait for review and approval

Baidu map marked how to delete

1, click on the place marked by the user, a pop-up window will appear, and then click on the “×” sign to cancel the marking.

2, Baidu Maps mark the place, click the mark button, and in the place you want to mark click the left mouse button, then a window will pop up, you can set the name of the mark and notes, and by clicking on the mark icon on the upper right, you can also change the mark style.

3. Baidu Maps’ markers are designed to make it easier to view locations without having to zoom in and out to find them.

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Baidu map marking, Baidu map marking process method is?

Local Merchant Center free labeling claiming steps:

(1) Register account login, perfect personal information: you can directly visit:nlbc… /register Baidu account login; or through the Baidu Maps home page, click on the upper right corner of the “merchants free labeling” to enter the local merchant center platform login.

(2) Enter the background of the local merchant center: click on the left side of the “I want to mark and claim”, click on “mark and claim a single merchant”, prompted by the “search and then mark and claim! “You need to search for your merchant name first, if you can find the merchant, you can directly claim it, fill in the merchant information when claiming, you need to upload your license qualification; if you don’t find the desired result? Please click “Free add mark”, fill in the merchant information, you need to upload your license qualification. (Note: If your merchant name is a brand name, which is inconsistent with the qualification, please provide the trademark registration certificate, authorization letter and both sides of the cooperation contract. Please revise.)

(3) After submitting the application, it will take 2 working days for the review period, please wait patiently.

How to join to Baidu map, I want to agent Baidu map labeling modification

1, login to their account into the Baidu map, there is a merchant in the upper right corner of the free labeling:

2, enter the name of the company that you want to fill in the display does not have it then you can be in the right, the following figure shows the add labeling button;

3, click in, we have to fill in their own-labeling location – to recognize the merchant – to enrich the merchant information. Fill out the following click submit. It will be displayed in the review, which is completed.

How to modify the Baidu map labeled phone address and other information

1 in the map to add their own location above the operation is as follows

2 click on the upper right corner of the log in Baidu account, log in and then click on the above “merchant free labeling”

3 fill in the click on the submit, wait for the official side of the audit! You can check whether the submitted information is approved or not in My Merchants.

4Submit your name to the official. Review time 3-7 working days. After the audit 1-3 days to show

If you find that the map has errors, you can correct the error processing, if you will not be able to find me

Baidu map labeling

Baidu Maps provides free labeling services to identify, can independently manage the details of your business page, real-time update of the merchant’s dynamics, rich in business information, so that customers can understand all aspects of your find you to enhance your brand awareness

Baidu Maps provides free labeling services, can independently manage the detail page, real-time update of the merchant dynamics, rich in business information, let customers understand your find you

How to modify the information already published inside Baidu Maps

If the map information previously published is wrong, it is necessary to provide relevant documents before you can modify it.

Instead of just clicking correct and getting through. If it’s your own map, you can find this article: “Modify the labeling through the review process (2016)” and follow the process written above to modify.

If it’s not your own organization’s map, it’s not easy to change it even if there are mistakes.

Hello, Baidu map on the labeled I want to modify or delete the re-certification, how to operate?

Modify the direct Baidu map and enter your store name, and then click on the right side of the store, after the following will be corrected two words, directly click on the error can be corrected, but this is basically no effect.

Delete the words, you need to find a certain technology to do this, after the deletion, you can re-authentication, then, detailed correctly fill in your information

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