Benefits of running the game as administrator

What is the impact of running the game as an administrator

There will be no impact, running as an administrator can make the game get better compatibility, not a bad thing, such as qq three kinds of games, need to run as an administrator. The game would have hurt the computer, if the computer is more compatible with the game, then it will inevitably slow down the computer, this is a normal thing. This is a normal thing.

What are the benefits of running a program as an administrator?

It is to get the right to run the program with greater rights to work more if you are satisfied with the hope to adopt ☆ ⌒_⌒ ☆ If it is helpful to the owner then please owner a few seconds with five stars to adopt my answer!

What are the benefits of running a program as an administrator

Thus there is no obstacle to internal calls within the program (high access)


Not running as an administrator: on the contrary

Sometimes you need to “run as administrator” to open a game, what does this mean? What is the difference between this and the normal way of opening?

Some games require administrator privileges, especially some anti-hookup software, he needs to hook up, install drivers and so on, so use the administrator privileges UAC (User Account Control) is a security feature of vista and win7, which can effectively prevent Trojan horse viruses, if you think it’s long-winded, you can control panel to minimize the level of security. There is no difference between administrator run and normal run for normal programs, but for advanced programs, normal privileges can not run!