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Can I install a c compiler on my Apple computer?

It is possible to install a C compiler on an Apple computer because the Mac system is essentially a Unix system, an open system, and the writing language of the Unix system is C, so a C-compatible compiler is a certainty.

Currently, Apple’s operating system, MacOSX, has Xcode as its development tool, which supports the writing of C and standard C++ programs. And the Mac platform has many IDEs that support C programming, like NetBeans and Eclipse.

MacOSX doesn’t have a C compiler installed by default; you need to install Xcode, which includes the GCC compiler.

If you’re just using a Mac to learn C, installing an Xcode is sufficient. The Xcode installer is in the Options folder on the system disk.

What are the c++ compilers under Mac

C++ compilers under Mac:

1, Xcode

Xcode runs under Apple’s Mac operating system, and is an integrated development environment (non-open source) provided by Apple to developers for MacOSX, iOS, C, C++, Objective-C, and Java applications.

2. GCC

GCC is a programming language translator developed by GNU.The GNU compiler suite includes C, C++, Objective-C, Fortran, Java, Ada, and Go language front-ends, as well as libraries for these languages (e.g. libstdc++, libgcj, etc.).

3, Code::Blocks

Code::Blocks is an open source full-featured cross-platform C/C++ IDE. code::Blocks is open source software. code::Blocks is developed and completed in pure C++. code::Blocks uses the well-known graphical interface library wxWidgets (2.6.2unicode) version.

Extended information

Xcode features

1, file transfer

Because Xcode supports CodeWarrior style related project references, you can be sure to CodeWarrior project files quickly and easily transferred to Xcode.

2, to assist in development

Xcode can be used to assist in the development of applications, tools, architectures, databases, embedded packages, kernel extensions, and device drivers, and it supports developers using C, C++, ObjectiveC, AppleScript, and Java. Xcode works with many other tools in MacOSX, such as integrated user interface architecture applications; compilers such as gcc, javac, and jikes; and debugging tools such as gdb.

4. Freedom to Undo

The virtual modeling and design features of Xcode4 make it easier than ever to develop and maintain your applications. Simply select the parts of your application that you want to write, and then the modeling and design system will automatically create categorized diagrams that not only show the coding, but also allow you to navigate.

How to write an apple in c language?

The apple code in C is as follows

I. Code 1


intt;//define global variables for looping

chartab[]={/store the array used to output the graph

0,1,1 ,0,0,1,1,0,0,











if(t%8==0)//above array is one line for every 8, then change the line every 8 here


if(tab[t]==0)//array element is zero, then output space


else///array element is not zero, then output * sign




Two, code two

# include<stdio.h>




for(i=1;i<=4;i++)//print the top four lines first


for(j=1;j<=4- i;j++)//control the number of spaces to print


for(k=1;k<=2*i-1;k++)//control the number of asterisks to print




< p>for(i=1;i<=3;i++)


for(j=1;j<=i;j++)//controls the number of spaces to print


for(k=1;k<=7-2*i;k++)//controls the number of asterisks to print







The output is shown in the figure


Cautions for writing graphical code such as apples in C

1, we know that ‘\n’ is an escape character in C, which means ‘jump to the next line’, and adding ‘\n’ followed by ‘\n’ is to tell the computer that the next line of code is a continuation of this line (used when writing code on separate lines).

2. After using ‘\n\’, no more characters (including spaces) are allowed after ‘\n\’.

3. The blank portion before the first character of each line of code must be filled with ‘space’, and the ‘TAB’ key cannot be used.

4, we notice that in the seventh line of code in the first three pictures, there are three consecutive ‘\’, in C language ‘\’ means output a ‘\’, so the first two ‘\’ means to let the computer output ‘\’, while the third ‘\’ constitutes the escape character ‘\n ‘. Similarly, the ‘%%’ in the fourth image is to output ‘%’.

How to compile C on Mac system, is there any programming tool similar to Windows to compile C?

1. Use Xcode software. Xcode is an integrated development environment (IDE) on an Apple system, which means that with Xcode you can write a C program and compile it to run. It is also a software that can develop ios programs and so on. In windows similar to this can compile c language and Microsoft out of visualstudio, and other free some such as codeblocks, c-free, etc..

The operation steps of compiling and running C/C++ in Xcode:

1)Open Xcode, and click CreateanewXcodeproject in the welcome interface.

2)A dialog box will pop up, select Application in the left column of the MacOSX category, and select CommandLineTool in the right column. CommandLineTool, click Next.

3) In the ProctName fill in the project name, such as HelloMac, the rest of the default can be (type you can also choose C or C + + +), click Next, select the path and click Create to complete the project creation.

4)Click main.m on the left side of the Xcode main interface, replace the code with C/C++ code, click the Run button in the upper left corner to compile and run, and the console will pop up at the bottom of the interface to show the results.

2. Xcode is a programming software developed by Apple, which is the fastest way for developers to build OSX and iOS applications.Xcode has a unified user interface design, and coding, testing, and debugging are all done in a simple window.