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How much does a C programmer make

Authoritative statistics, China’s C/C++ software development talent gap of about 100,000 people each year, the future with information technology, data continues to speed up, this number will grow exponentially. If this problem is not solved, the software industry will face a crisis in the future. Because of the serious scarcity of C/C++ software talents, the salary level of C/C++ software engineers is increasing year by year.

According to the survey, the annual salary of junior C/C++ software development engineers is 50,000-150,000 yuan, and that of senior software engineers is as high as 150,000-300,000 yuan. The market’s most in short supply C/C++ technical director or project director’s annual salary is even higher. C/C++ software engineer’s annual salary is generally higher than the average of 20,000-30,000 yuan compared with the annual salary of JAVA software engineers and .NET software engineers. According to expert predictions, C/C++ Software Engineer is one of the hottest and most popular careers in the coming years.

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Looking at the question you asked, you should be interested in C++, in fact, you can learn C++ by yourself. About how to learn c++, I just saw a very good article, it’s a specialist student introduced how he learned c++ by himself and got a job in c++, it describes his learning method and learning process, I hope it’s helpful to you.

First of all, I’d like to introduce myself, I got into a very bad specialized private school in 2007, and I studied biology, I won’t tell you the name of the school, I dropped out of school in 2009, I was in that kind of school, the tuition fee for one year is more than 10,000 yuan, but there is no one to study, I really don’t see the hope, I dropped out of the school.

After dropping out of school I was confused, I didn’t graduate from college, I really didn’t know what I could do, I was struggling with what I could do. So after I dropped out of school for a while, I wanted to get a job, because I’m rather quiet, not very good at talking, I’m not suitable for applying for a job as a business. I wanted to apply for a job as a techie, but I hit walls everywhere.

It was only by chance that I heard about the c++ industry. I went to the Xinhua bookstore that day and tried to find a book to study in the computer category. A girl came up to me and asked me if I was a computer student and if I was interested in learning C++, then she introduced me to the hot situation of C++ and told me how promising it was, and gave me a flyer, an advertisement for C++ training. After listening to her introduction, my heart itched, indeed I would like to go to learn a skill of their own, rely on their own hands to eat.

After I got home, I went online and looked up c++, which is really a popular industry today, and it’s also a good way to find a job, and the salary is relatively high. I was determined to learn c++. So I went to look for information about c++ training, and honestly, I was confused, I didn’t know if the training could really be as good as they advertised, so I just wanted to learn about it for a while before I made any plans.

Later, I saw a very encouraging article in Baidu know is a c++ master introduce how to self-study introductory learning c++ for those who have no basic knowledge, the article is very well written and contains how to learn and what to learn. He mentioned that one way is to watch videos, because reading books is too boring and difficult to understand, and many of us can’t understand. I really agree with this, I tend to not read more than a few pages of a book myself.

I wondered why everyone else could be self-taught, and how I could be too! I want to believe in myself, so I’m just going to try to teach myself, and if I really can’t learn I’ll go back to training.

The idea is certain, I went to search for c++ video, although sporadically found some c++ video, but are not systematic, I was looking for a video to tell me how to learn, a set of videos from the beginning to mastery, a more complete information, it is best to have a teacher to teach, don’t understand can ask for help.

Later I found a very good video, is in the IT Learning Alliance launched a video “zero base c++ employment class” (like “zero base c++ employment class” you can copy sina.lt/ceFM paste browser address bar press the Enter key to open). The tutorials in there are pretty good and complete.

The following describes my learning process, and I hope it will be helpful to those who have no foundation at all like me.

After I received the CD-ROM from them, I started to study, because I don’t have any foundation, I learned from the simplest C language video tutorials, that is to say, simple, in fact, I still don’t understand a lot of, as long as I repeat a few more times, I will be able to understand it. c language, I learned almost a week, then I learned the c++ and data structure algorithms, almost just three weeks. I kept writing simple code every day, so that after January I basically mastered all the basics of c++.

So I went to 51job and put in my resume like crazy. Because of my education, I didn’t graduate from my college, and honestly, no one would want me in a big company, so I put in my resume in a small private company, and I hoped that my hard work would pay off. I didn’t think that after a few days, there would be an interview, but I failed the first interview, although I thought the written test was good because I had prepared before, but their requirements were more stringent, and they needed to have one year’s project experience, so I wasn’t selected.

Then I interviewed with several companies one after another, and finally my efforts were successful. I finally interviewed, is a private enterprise in Minhang, the company is relatively small, my position is c++ development programmer, but I’m also more satisfied with the salary is 3500 a month, although I know in Shanghai 3500 can only live a subsistence life, but I think I’m enough. At least I don’t have to rely on my parents every day, I can support myself. I think as long as I keep working hard, I’ll definitely double my salary.

Writing this article out, I hope to make friends with no foundation like me have confidence, in fact, there is no need for us to have low self-esteem, we are not dumber than others, as long as we are willing to work hard, we will be just as successful.

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How much does a software engineer make in a month?

8000 to 10000.

If you are a software engineer just into the stream, then your salary will be in the 3,000 yuan or so, it also depends on the level of your skills of your ability to work, there is also the professional knowledge you learn, general software engineers just work, the salary is not very high.

Software Engineer English is SoftwareEngineer, is engaged in the software profession of a professional ability to certify that through it has the qualifications of engineers. Software Engineer is a collective term for people engaged in work related to software development.

It is a broad concept, including software designers, software architects, software engineering managers, programmers and a series of other positions, the work content are related to software development and production.

The technical requirements of software engineers are relatively comprehensive, in addition to the most basic programming language (C language/C++/JAVA, etc.), database technology (SQL/ORACLE/DB2, etc.), there are many such as JAVASCRIPT, AJAX, HIBERNATE, SPRING and other cutting-edge technologies. In addition, other technologies on network engineering and software testing should also be covered.

C language programmer salary treatment

Education, depending on the city, depending on the technology.

985 University of the upper level, to go to the first-tier cities, large companies, Huawei basically bottom, undergraduate 8k, masters 10k

In the good is the upper part of those companies (this kind of company basically as long as the 985), but to be honest, the number of these people is actually very small.

If it is not 985, is a book, may have to reduce 2k, specialist or training courses may be reduced by another 2k.

And if it is not a first-tier city (IT is in fact Beijing and Shanghai), the second-tier cities may be reduced by 2k, and the third-tier may be reduced by 2k.

This is the graduates, in general, do not jump ship, generally speaking, the salary on the annual wage increase of 20% or so, two to three years to jump ship can rise 50%, if upgraded from programmer to project manager, that doubled 1 times, but also normal, so the technology is not 985 University, dry a three years to reach a monthly salary of 1 w is not particularly exaggerated.

What is the average salary for c++ Programmer? Is it tiring?

What is the future of C++ in 2020? Is it good?

For the popular Internet specialty, how will C++ be in 2020?

Some college students are also very hesitant to enroll in the profession, graduation in recent years there are some new languages, how much is the salary of C++ programmers after graduation in 2020?

What is the development prospect of C++ in 2021?

1, from the current active degree of C++, as well as the application of the status quo is completely sure that C++ is still the foundation of the software industry, will not exit the stage of history.

2. In addition, from Boost and Loki libraries, we can see that the development of C++ is very active, and the development of new technologies and new ideas is very radical, and C++ is still getting a lot of attention.

3. From the application of ACE in the field of high-performance communication, and the excellent performance of libraries like MTL in the field of numerical computation, we can see that C++ is irreplaceable in high-performance applications, and embedded systems such as memory-constrained development platforms, such as SymbianOS, where C++ has been and will be playing a greater role.

4. It is foreseeable that the future of the software, regardless of how the upper layer of the application changes, the underlying core will be written by the C/C++ system-level software, such as the Java virtual machine, .NETFramwork. because only such system-level software can completely and thoroughly play the function of the machine.

C++ is a polyglot programming language that can be both procedural and an object-oriented language.C++ is a very widely used computer programming language, and as such it is favored by more and more programmers.

What are the application areas of C++ software development?

1. Currently more than 70% of online games are developed based on C++, and mastering C++ has become a basic requirement for game development.

2. The kernel of Windows/Linux operating systems is written in C. When it comes to large-scale, high-performance computing, the speed and stability of C/C++ is very obvious.

3. C++ is also used in the development of very popular mobile Internet applications, such as Apple’s series of products are developed using Object-C, which is a language derived from C.

C++ is also used in the development of mobile applications, such as Apple’s series of products are developed using Object-C, which is a language derived from C.


C and C++ are languages that have endured for 40 years and are the foundation of all language systems. Widely used in basic software, desktop systems, network communications, audio and video, games and entertainment and other areas. All operating systems, windows, linux, android and other operating systems are written in C, so it can flourish.

What is the salary of C++ programmer in 2020?

C++ to move up, data structures and algorithms are the minimum requirements, this one has sifted out 50% of the programmers, the rest of the understanding of memory, operating systems, multi-threading, and then sifted out another 20%, and finally the compilation principle. And C++ requirements for software engineering is far more than JAVA, JAVA has its own framework, basically just fill in the business code on the line, C++ is generally to build a large system, what the framework are not, have to start all over again to build up, the quality of the programmer’s requirements are very high. C++ also has a shortcoming, the code written by the novice that can not be read and can not be maintained. So it’s hard to write good C++ code without some experience. In other words, C++ is not good to learn, but enterprises can not leave, which leads to the C++ engineer salary remains high.

Authoritative statistics, China’s current C / C + + software development talent gap of about 100,000 people each year, the future of information technology, data speed, this number will be multiplied. If this problem is not solved, the software industry will face a crisis in the future. According to the survey, junior and intermediate C / C + + software development engineer’s annual salary of 50,000-15 million yuan, senior software engineers as high as 150,000-300,000 yuan. The market shortage of C/C++ technical director or project director annual salary is even higher. C/C++ software engineer’s annual salary and JAVA software engineer and .NET software engineer’s annual salary compared to the general average is higher than 2-3 million.

So what do you think will happen to C++ if we get to 2021?