Change ppt text box shape how to change

ppt text box how to set

Open the PPT file, select the need to modify the text box, right mouse click, select [Set Object Format], in the [Shape Options], the text box of the [Fill and Lines], [Effect], [Size and Properties] and other changes can be made.

PPT set the default text box and the shape of the method

We often need to set the default text box and the shape of the production of PPT, the following to tell you about the specific methods of operation.

Specific as follows:

1. The first step, open the PPT on the computer, and then click on the figure shown in the “text box”.

2. The second step, insert the text box as shown in the figure after it is modified to adjust the font.

3. Third, right-click the text box and select “Set as Default Text Box”.

4. The fourth step, we again insert the text box will be the same as the previous text box.

5. Use the same method to set the default shape.

6. As shown in the figure, insert any shape in the PPT to adjust the shape of the right-click on the shape and select “Set as Default Shape”.

7. We again inserted in the PPT shape and the same as the previous insertion.

How to use PPT to create irregular text box

Want to change the shape of the PPT text box, and then insert the text box after typing the text, click on the text box you can enter the drawing tools, in the leftmost Insert Shape, you can choose to edit the shape of the shape you want to find the shape of the inside


ppt text box shape how to change

In ppt click on the text part, there will be a text box, text box on the eight points, move the mouse to any one of the one point above, to the mouse cursor appears two arrows, and then click the mouse, the cursor will become a black cross shape, drag the mouse to change the shape.