China Chongqing Mobile SMS Center Number

What is the SMS center number for Chongqing?

The SMS center number for Chongqing is **+8613010831500 or 008613010831500**.

The SMS center number is used to store and process short messages sent from the Homing Location Register (HLR). These messages must be formatted to be sent to the Short Message Service Center (SMS_Service Center).

What is the cell phone SMS center number?

The center number is different for different carriers in different areas.

The SMS center numbers are:

1, Beijing Mobile +8613800100500, Beijing Unicom +8613010112500.

2, Shanghai Mobile +8613800210500, Shanghai Unicom +8613010314500.

3, Tianjin Mobile +86 8613800220500, Tianjin Unicom +8613010130500.

4, Chongqing Mobile +8613800230500, Chongqing Unicom +8613010831500.

5, Heilongjiang Mobile / Unicom short message center number: Harbin +8613800451500, Heilongjiang Unicom +8613010980500, Qiqi 8613010980500, Qiqihar +8613800452500, Mudanjiang, Jixi, Qitaihe +8613800453500, Jiamusi, Hegang, Shuangyashan +8613800454500, Suihua, Yichun +8613800455500, Heihe, Daxing’anling +8613800456500, Daqing +8613800459500. 8613800459500.

How to set up your Apple phone

How to set up: dial *5005*7672*+86 “SIM card belonging to the place of the SMS center number “# with your iPhone.

How to check: Dial *#5005*7672# from iPhone.

Delete method: Dial ##5005*7672# from iPhone.

Note: The set SMS center number is generally +86 added after similar to the cell phone number, set the SMS center number, delete the SMS center number and then reset.

The above content reference Baidu Encyclopedia-Information Center number

What is the number of Chongqing Mobile SMS Center?

Chongqing Mobile SMS Center Number +13800230500

What is the information center number?

Different regions have different numbers, here are some more common city numbers:

Beijing Mobile +8613800100500 Beijing Unicom +8613010112500

Shanghai Mobile +8613800210500 Shanghai Unicom +8613010314500

Tianjin Mobile +8613800220500Tianjin Unicom +8613010130500

Chongqing Mobile +8613800230500Chongqing Unicom +8613010831500

Hebei Mobile/Unicom SMS Center Numbers Shijiazhuang +8613800311500 Hebei +8613010180500 <

Shanxi Mobile/Unicom SMS Center Number Taiyuan +8613800351500 Shanxi +8613010701500

The Information Center is responsible for the construction of the information technology system and the operation and maintenance of the management of the department; the main responsibility is the implementation of the unit or the company’s system of information technology system (including hardware equipment, network, system software and tools and software technology) construction of basic facilities. Basic facilities) of the construction. Organize and implement the operation and maintenance of information technology and management work; undertake the management and implementation of information data security, and guide the construction of information technology system in the unit or company system. Participate in the unit or company system information technology construction rules preparation.

What is the short message center number for China Mobile’s customized cell phones? Inside the message settings.

Short message center number is:: +8613800ABC500 after, where ABC is the long-distance area code of each region, for example, Nanjing is 250, the specific long-distance area code of each region and other information, please call 10086 consulting.