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What hardware is needed for software development (hardware and software development include what)

Software, a collection of computer data and instructions organized in a particular order. Simply put, software is a program plus a collection of documents. Hardware, refers to the cell phone by the electronic, mechanical and optoelectronic components such as the composition of a variety of physical devices.

Software for the intangible, no physical form, only through the operating conditions to understand the function, characteristics, and quality; software penetrates a large number of mental labor, human logical thinking, intelligent activity and technical level is the key to software products; software will not be like hardware aging wear, but there are defects in maintenance and technology updates.

Software development and operation must rely on a specific computer system environment, there is a dependency on hardware, in order to reduce dependence, the development of the proposed software portability; software reusability, software development is easy to be copied, thus forming multiple copies.

What is computer software development?

Computer software development is the process of building a software system or a software part of a system according to user requirements. Software development is a systematic project that includes requirements capture, requirements analysis, design, implementation and testing. If you need to learn computer software development, we recommend that you choose Darnell Education

Computer software development program is mainly to cultivate the overall development of moral, intellectual and physical, with a certain degree of computer hardware and software maintenance, network setup, maintenance and management of senior practical and technical personnel. Through the study of this specialty, can master the use of commonly used computer software, maintenance and skills; in terms of hardware students should understand the development of computer hardware, master the method of computer assembly, can skillfully use the application software to detect the computer performance, the scope of the failure where, master the general treatment of hardware failure; in terms of network, students should master the technical characteristics of today’s popular network, master the Network engineering, network maintenance, network security and application knowledge. Competent in general network engineering program design, set up, network maintenance, and simple website construction and maintenance. If you are interested, click here to take a free course

What are the hardware and software of a computer (What are the hardware and software of a computer)


Short for “computer hardware”. As opposed to “software”. It is a collective term for all the physical components and equipment in an electronic computer system. From the basic structure, the computer can be divided into five major parts: the operator, memory, controller, input devices, output devices.

Generally we see the computer is composed of: the host (the main part), the output device (monitor), the input device (keyboard and mouse) three major components. And the host is the main body of the computer, in the main chassis there are: motherboard, CPU, memory, power supply, graphics card, sound card, network card, hard disk, floppy drive, optical drive and other hardware. Among them, the motherboard, CPU, memory, power supply, graphics card, hard disk is necessary, as long as the host work, these are indispensable.


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Software [SOFTWARE] (used in mainland China and Hong Kong, and in Taiwan as softwares) is a series of collections of computer data and instructions that are organized in a specific order, according to a specific order. The collection of computer data and instructions. Generally speaking, software is divided into system software, application software and intermediary software between the two. System software provides the most basic functionality for computer use, but is not specific to a particular application area. Application software, on the other hand, provides different functions depending on the user and the domain it serves.

Software doesn’t just consist of computer programs that can be run on a computer; the documentation associated with those computer programs is generally considered part of the software. Simply put software is a collection of programs plus documentation.

Software is used in all areas of the world and has a profound impact on people’s lives and work.

System software

System software is responsible for managing the various separate pieces of hardware in a computer system so that they can work in harmony. System software allows computer users and other software to treat the computer as a whole without regard to how each piece of underlying hardware works.

Generally speaking, system software consists of an operating system and a set of basic tools (such as compilers, database management, memory formatting, file system management, user authentication, driver management, network connectivity, and other tools).

Application software

Application software is software that has been developed for a specific purpose. It can be a specific program, such as an image viewer. It can also be a collection of programs whose functions are so closely linked that they can collaborate with each other, such as Microsoft’s Office software. It can also be a large software system consisting of many separate programs, such as a database management system.

The more common are

Word processing software such as Office, WPS, etc.

Information management software such as Assces database

Auxiliary design software such as AutoCAD, Photoshop

Real-time control software

Education and entertainment software

Graphic images coreldraw,painter,GIMP(under linux),3DSMAX,MAYA,softimage|xsi,lightwave,cineme4d,Houdini

Post-synthesis software aftereffects,combustion. digitalfusion,shake,flame

Anti-virus software such as Kaspersky, Rising Star, etc.

Operating system software

The operating system is a program that manages the hardware and software resources of a computer, and is also the kernel and cornerstone of a computer system. The operating system is responsible for such basic tasks as managing and configuring memory, prioritizing the supply and demand of system resources, controlling input and output devices, operating networks, and managing file systems. The operating system also provides an interface for users to interact with the system.

What is Computer Software Development

Software development is the process of building a software system or a software part of a system based on user requirements. Software development is a systematic project that includes requirements capture, requirements analysis, design, implementation and testing. Software is usually implemented in some kind of programming language. It can usually be developed using software development tools. Software is categorized into system software and application software and does not just include programs that can be run on a computer; the files associated with these programs are generally considered part of the software. The general process of software design ideas and methods, including designing the functions of the software and the algorithms and methods of implementation, the overall structural design of the software and the design of modules, programming and debugging, program linkage and testing, as well as writing and submitting the program.