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Fake courier single screenshot how to get

Get fake courier single screenshot method is as follows:

1, to find a reliable courier single screenshot production tool. You can search online for related tools, such as “express order generator”, “express order filling tool” and so on.

2, enter the courier company, sender, recipient and other relevant information. Add a fake courier note number as needed.

3. Design the style of the screenshot of the courier note. You can imitate or create a suitable design style according to the actual style of the express order. Be careful, however, not to make the fake courier note screenshot too raw or obviously unreal, or it will arouse the suspicion of the person being deceived.

4. Save and share the courier note screenshot. After making it, you can save it in image format so that it can be easily sent to the other party’s cell phone or computer. It can be shared using social media, communication software or email.

5. Prevent counter-checking or water meter checking. Before sharing screenshots of courier orders, you need to carefully consider whether the other party will counter-check the courier order number or contact the actual courier company. If the water meter is checked, you may be sued or held responsible. Therefore, when making screenshots of fake courier orders, one should carefully consider the associated risks and consequences.

Which is a good single software to use?

The following are a few good single software:

Fang Coco sales single software: support for multi-warehouse use, you can set up different warehouses, each warehouse has its own documents management point, especially suitable for sales of delivery notes, warehouse orders and other aspects of the printing application, the use of very simple and practical, you can count the delivery note and the information of the single warehouse.

Sending treasure: can help stores to realize the courier single auto-fill, a key to generate the waybill number, reduce the time of handwritten courier single, improve the efficiency of playing a single. Support the import of Taobao, Jingdong, Pinduoduo, Alibaba and other e-commerce platforms orders, you can batch print courier orders, shipping orders, recognition of high accuracy.

Express Bear: support for multi-store use, you can set up different store accounts, each store has its own stock inventory, you can automatically take pictures to shoot the template of the express order, recognize the import of Taobao, Jingdong, Pinduoduo, Alibaba and other e-commerce platforms of the order, you can batch print the express order, shipping orders, recognition of the accuracy rate is high.

Outbound version: support for importing orders from Taobao, Jingdong, Pinduoduo, Alibaba and other e-commerce platforms, you can batch print express orders, delivery notes, high recognition accuracy. Support the operation of the cell phone, you can check the status of the order anytime and anywhere, batch export files to the computer, easy to deal with orders.

The above are some of the more useful ordering software, you can choose the software that suits you according to your own needs and habits of use.

Third-party courier billing software which is good to use?

Which third-party courier billing software is good to use?

If you are a courier, I think you can use the courier APP. courier APP set order – real name – print in one, so that the receipt of mail becomes simple.

Courier APP sending function introduction:

In the order creation level: support 28 courier brand delivery, to avoid the loss of customers due to the courier brand limitations; support batch order, customer scanning code order, excel import, micro-letter dialogue order intelligent import, picture identification and other order creation to meet the needs of different volumes of orders delivery; support 3 types of single number source (courier) Own sheet, courier company’s own sheet, e-commerce platform sheet), to meet the needs of different scenarios;

On the level of order printing: support for mainstream Bluetooth printers + WiFi printers on the market, and support for ordinary thermal printers through the fast Bao cloud printing system a key to access the cloud, anytime, anywhere, and efficiently print the face of the single; support for the 4G cloud printers, without the need to download the driver, without the need for networking, and not subject to Time and distance limitations, boot code binding courier APP can be used; support for 108 print templates and support for customizing the fields displayed on the face sheet, which helps the courier better deal with the order; support for batch printing, pre-printing, a single multi-typing, distribution orders, print sticky notes, print the face sheet and the bottom sheet, etc., to meet the personalized printing needs of the courier;

In the courier fee collection level: support for WeChat, Alipay, cash bookkeeping and other means of collection, support for cash / monthly settlement and other settlement methods, to meet the diversified needs of customers to pay bills;

If you are a micro-businessman, I think you can consider using the micro-palm cabinet.

Introduction of MicroPalm shipping function:

For e-commerce merchants, there is a large number of shipping needs every day, how to improve the efficiency of receiving and sending, and reduce the cost of logistics management has become an important issue in the e-commerce industry.

Micro Palm Cabinet by docking Jingdong, Pinduoduo, Yuzhan, Jitterbug, fast hand dozens of mainstream e-commerce platforms, to achieve the e-commerce platform orders automatically one-key import, so that merchants bid farewell to the manual recording of the single;

Support the sharing of the single, share the single number of sources such as other members, to enhance the efficiency of playing the single; support for third-party self-constructed platform orders Excel file to import, synchronized shipping orders, efficient and convenient;

Support the third party self-built platform orders, synchronized delivery. Efficient and convenient;

Support delivery of automatic notification to customers, increase customer trust in the store, reduce customer complaints; support for product management, customized face sheet templates, invitations to order, export statements, real-time tracking of parcels, etc., to meet the one-stop demand for merchants to play the order;

If it is a corporate customer, I think you can consider using a small mailbox.

Small mailbox shipping features:

Support for enterprises, departments, groups to set exclusive order QR code, to facilitate unified management;

Support for computer batch printing, cell phone printing, multi-person remote shared printing, to achieve efficient printing and order processing;

Orders are pushed to the courier in real time, to achieve seamless collaboration and efficient shipping, to reduce the delay of the order;

Support for customized printing templates, set up a billing statement, and reduce the delay of the order;

Small mailbox shipping features. p>Support customized printing templates, set up printing privileges, online charging and other functions to meet the one-stop shipping needs of corporate customers;

Other people send me the courier, how can I check when to,

Express query methods are:

One, the courier official website query

that is, through the corresponding courier company’s official website on the express tracking, the relevant information can be directly through the courier receipt of the barcode on the query. For example, if the query code of XX Express is 26897550XXX0, you can enter the query code on the corresponding company’s webpage and get the relevant information of the express order.

Two, integrated query site

Through the integrated query site mainly refers to, through similar to the “2013 express query network” such as the integration of a variety of courier companies express tracking query service site. The main thing is to provide a unified query portal, and then after entering the relevant query code, in the background call the relevant courier company’s query function and return results to the user.

1, API query courier

Express 100 provides API support for fuzzy matching courier companies, can quickly meet the courier query please add a picture to illustrate the development needs of off, but also for microblogging and other quantitative development.

Express 100 API is “express 100” query network open to the public one of the application program interface. Developers can call the API and “Express 100” query network to interact directly with the integration of “Express 100” query network of express, logistics information query function, based on the Express 100 API to develop their own such as Taobao store embedded express query tools The application of Taobao store embedded logistics query tool, pat store embedded logistics query tool, delivery management system embedded courier, logistics query tool, and so on.

2, API interface

Express 100 API interface is currently divided into two kinds:

The first is ChaxunURL.

Simply pass in the parameters of the courier company and the courier single number, you can get the query results. It supports fuzzy matching of courier companies, and currently covers basically all courier companies.

The second one is apiURL.

Supports various parameters for calling, including courier company, courier bill number, display type, format and so on, please refer to the parameter description. The company code is passed in when querying (Chinese is not supported for the time being), and currently supports 51 courier companies without CAPTCHA. This API can only be used after applying for a key, please refer to the following article for details of how to apply or “Express 100 API Detailed Instructions”

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