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Title: Crazy Programmer

Author: Jie Ying

Douban Rating: 7.8

Publisher: People’s Posts and Telecommunications Publishing House

Publication Year: 2008

Pages: 360


This book depicts the growth of the programmers, such as Jie Ying, and is divided into three parts: college, work, and entrepreneurship. Three parts. The author’s pen to the absolute shadow, BOSSliu, BugYang and other programmers represented by the programmer is the majority of programmers to grow a true reflection of many netizens who have read the novel said, “These things seem to be the things that happen to me, but I can not write, the absolute shadow wrote out”.

Author’s Introduction:

The shadow of the author, who considers himself to be an ordinary programmer, technically not a bull, nor is it a small dish, and most of the programmers are the same, most of the time every day is still on the computer drumming the program, or because of a problem can not be solved and racked his brain to think hard, or a little bit of small results because of the complacency and excitement. When I work, I am not happy because of how much money I earn, but because I am happy as a programmer. In short, I feel good about myself, but my friends say: I don’t know how to live. The only with everyone has a little difference may be: the absolute shadow sometimes also write down their own lives, time long, write more, it became “crazy programmer”.

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“Crazy programmer”

“Crazy programmer 1

It was already seven minutes dark, but the lights were still on in the house. This man dressed all in black suddenly, as if remembering something, took out cigarettes from his bag, drew one out, and handed it to the person next to him, “Brother, smoke?” –The cigarette was Red Tashan.

The man next to him quickly waved his hand while saying, “No, no.” The tone was a bit nervous, as if what the black clothes handed over were not cigarettes, but heroin.

The man in black, later called “Jade Shadow”. The one next to him was later called “bandit”. This house is their college dormitory.

The first day at the school, in fact, not a little fresh feeling. The school’s aunts and uncles teach here, and back when the school wasn’t called a “university,” Jade had already learned to ride a bike at the school’s soccer field.

The most taboo thing about going to college is going to be the fact that you’re going to be studying in front of your own house. Even if you live right in the courtyard of Peking University, you must go to Tsinghua. Bandits feel that this school is good, not only bandits feel good, look at the employment situation, also really good. But the absolute shadow on a belly to hold back.

In fact, this dormitory and other dormitory is nothing special, but also four beds and four computer desk. The computer table of course, but the computer will have to be put on the top. Since there is no computer, what is the use of having a computer? It also takes up space. The only difference is a person in the dormitory – unlike others, this dormitory has a person who does not belong to this class – his name is Wang Jiang.

Wang Jiang was special, not only because he wasn’t from this class, but also because he blew a very special bull.

What do we talk about on freshman night? Talking about college entrance exams, of course.

So Wang Jiang sighed: Oops, one point short.

The bandit chimed in: oops, just five points short.

Wang Jiang ……

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Extract code:b369 < p>Title:Maniac C

Author:Keyboard Farmer

Douban Rating:7.3

Publisher:People’s Posts and Telecommunications Publishing House

Publication Year:2010-10



Maniac C: Essentials for Programmers

Maniac C: Essentials for Programmers

This book provides a unique and comprehensive approach to the C (C89 and C99) in a unique and comprehensive way. Aimed at beginners, it provides detailed and thorough analysis of basic concepts, emphasizes good programming habits and styles, and introduces programming knowledge in combination with the basic concepts of software engineering and software testing, which are the main features of Maniac C: A Programmer’s Primer.