Deeper Understanding of Computer Systems Electronic Edition

Computer Composition Principles Electronic Edition

The content of computer composition principles is as follows:

Computer (computer) commonly known as a computer, is a modern electronic machine used for high-speed calculations, can be numerical calculations, but also can be logical judgments, but also has the storage and memory functions, and can be in accordance with the operation of the program, automatic, high-speed processing of data. The computer is one of the most advanced scientific and technological inventions of the 20th century.

Hardware system:

Mainly divided into the host and peripherals two parts, refers to those who constitute the physical entity of the computer system, they are mainly composed of a variety of electronic devices and electromechanical devices.

From ENIAC (the world’s first computer) to the current state-of-the-art computers, the design of the hardware system is the von Neumann architecture.

Operator: responsible for arithmetic and logical operations, i.e. data processing.

Controller: The central nervous system of the entire computer, analyzes the control information specified by the program and controls it according to the program requirements, coordinates the work of all components of the computer as well as the access to memory and peripherals.

The operator and controller are collectively known as the central processing unit (CPU).

Memory: A component that implements the memory function and is used to store information such as programs, data, and various signals and commands, and to make this information available when needed.

Input device: Realizes the information such as program, raw data, text, character, control command or data collected on site to be input to the computer.

Output device: realize the intermediate or final results generated after computer processing (various data symbols and text or various control signals and other information) output.

The CPU can be logically divided into three modules, namely the controller, the operator and the internal registers.

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