Domestic computer operating systems

What computer operating systems are available in China?

China’s own computer operating systems are Deepin Linux, You Kirin, Zhongbiao Kirin, SPG SIP operating system, and Starting Point operating system.

1. Deepin Linux (Deepin).

Linux distribution developed by Wuhan Deepin Technology Co.

Deepin is a Linux-based operating system that focuses on the ultimate user experience of daily office, learning, life and entertainment operations, suitable for notebooks, desktop computers and all-in-one computers.

2. UbuntuKylin.

Supported and led by China’s CCN Joint Laboratory, the open-source project aims to adopt the design concept of integrating platform internationalization and application localization to provide a delicate Chinese user experience by customizing the localized desktop user environment and developing application software that meets the specific needs of the majority of Chinese users, and to make an operating system with more Chinese characteristics.

3. NeoKylin.

NeoKylin adopts the enhanced Linux kernel and is divided into desktop, general-purpose, advanced, and security editions to meet the requirements of different customers, and has been widely used in the fields of energy, finance, transportation, government, and central enterprises.

4, SPG SPG operating system.

It is a computer operating system developed by the Chinese software company. SPGnux operating system has desktop and server versions of two kinds of it will be office, entertainment, communications and other open source software packaged together into the office system, to be realized through the desktop office system to meet the needs of users of office, entertainment, network communications of all kinds of applications at a time of installation.

5, Start Operating System (StartOS former Rainforest OS).

Guangdong Wali Network Technology Company, formerly known as Guangdong Rainforest Woodwind Computer Science and Technology Limited YlmfOS project, in June 2012 independent operation. The company is committed to the research and development of Linux desktop operating systems, and its starting operating system StartOS (formerly YlmfOS) has been widely acclaimed since the release of its first version in 2009.

What are the domestic computer operating systems (which system is the best for ordinary computers)

Everyone only knows Windows, Apple MacOS, Linux, but how many people know the domestic systems?

The domestic system has been developed for so many years, such as the desktop operating system of the Unified Communications UOS, which has been quite excellent. I don’t know if you have experienced it?

First of all, let understand UOS, in fact, is the domestic Linux distribution. There are three main versions, namely desktop, server and professional device versions.

The desktop version can replace the Microsoft Windows operating system to meet the office, life and entertainment needs of different users. And it can be compatible with a large number of Windows and Android applications, such as providing users with important Windows platform application migration, supporting QQ, WeChat, RTX, Xunlei, Meitu XiuXiu and so on.

The Server Edition can meet the requirements of enterprise users for high performance, high stability and high reliability, and is widely used in critical government and enterprise applications from general-purpose network services, such as Web services, to high-availability clustering, multipathing, middleware, cloud computing, and containers, such as telecom, finance, government, and military.

The Professional Edition is tailored for special devices with a fixed purpose, such as self-service devices, network security devices, and military weaponry. Generally this has nothing to do with us ordinary people~

Recently, Concentric UOS official announcement: Concentric UOS Home Edition Experiencers is open to the whole network today, and editors have experienced it!

Installation method:

1. First of all, understand the installation configuration requirements, as shown in the figure below:

2. After confirming that you can install it, next we will use the one-click installation. Go to the official website and click [Download Now] in the [One-click Installation] option.

3. After downloading, open and run it, click [Customize Installation].

4. Next, follow the prompts to complete the installation. After restarting your computer, select [UOS] and enter the system!

After entering the system, we can experience. Enter the first impression of the desktop: simple enough! Only the computer and recycle bin icon.

Open the launcher in the lower left corner, similar to the Windows start menu, where you can see a lot of commonly used tools and programs.

If you want to download software, you need to download and install it in your own appstore. Basically, it contains all kinds of programs for our daily use, study and office, even AdobePhotoshop can be found. There are so many programs that you can I can’t imagine. You might as well experience it for yourself!

You can also find a lot of games here, but most of them are handheld games, which you can open and use directly after downloading. There are still a lot of surprises.

Let’s try it quickly!

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