Download Baidu panoramic map can not be downloaded

The inability to download Baidu Maps may be due to a poor network, insufficient cell phone memory and so on.


Insufficient memory in the phone leads to the software can not be installed properly, you can move the multimedia files stored in the phone to the external SD card to expand the phone’s memory space to try to reinstall;

The phone is not enabled unknown sources: Settings – Security – Unknown Sources to play the checkbox, and then try to reinstall;

Check the format of the software to see if it supports the phone, the format of the software supported by the phone is apk

Check the format of the software to see if it supports the phone. The software format supported by this phone is apk

Backup your data and try restoring the factory settings.

Check if the network is smooth


Baidu map in the panoramic map how can I download down ah, help

Specific steps are as follows:

1. Open Baidu map home page, enter the address of the picture you want to download

2. Baidu map shows the address entered by the owner

3. You can use the 360 browser, the picture will be saved directly

4. Or by using the right-click source code to save the picture information on the local.

Why can’t I download Baidu map on my Apple phone?

Mainly because the AppStore is a foreign server, in the domestic use of the server is prone to bad, can not download the situation.

The solution is as follows:

1, go to Settings – safi browser, the history, cache all clear.

2, go to settings-wifi to find the wifi network you are connected to, click the exclamation mark to enter, and change the DNS to

Baidu Maps is a network mapping service provided by Baidu, which covers nearly 400 cities and thousands of districts and counties in China. In Baidu Maps, users can check the geographic location of streets, shopping malls, and buildings, as well as find all the nearest restaurants, schools, banks, parks, etc. On August 26, 2010, when using the Baidu Maps service, in addition to the normal e-map function, a new 3D map button was added.

On December 15, 2014, Baidu and Nokia reached an agreement that in the future, Here, Nokia’s mapping and navigation business, will provide Baidu with map data services outside mainland China.