Good foreign search engine

Which search engines are better?

The main search engines at home and abroad are as follows:

Baidu (domestic): currently the largest search engine in China, mainly providing Chinese search services. Its main feature is the wide coverage of search results, including web pages, pictures, videos, know, experience and many other types.

Google (International): the world’s largest search engine, mainly providing English search services. Its main feature is the high quality of search results, including web pages, pictures, news, videos and many other types.

Sogou (domestic): a well-known domestic search engine, mainly providing Chinese search services. Its main feature is the fast search speed, and it also provides a variety of products such as input method and browser.

Being (International): Microsoft’s search engine, mainly provides English search services. Its main feature is rich search results, including web pages, images, videos, news and many other types.

360 Search (domestic): a search engine owned by 360 Security, mainly providing Chinese search services. Its main feature is the accuracy of search results, while providing a variety of functions such as safe search and Q&A.

DuckDuckGo (International): a search engine that focuses on privacy protection, mainly providing English search services. Its main feature is that it does not track users’ search behavior, while providing concise search results.

In short, different search engines have different features and advantages, and users can choose the one that suits them according to their needs and preferences.

What is a good search engine?

In addition to Baidu there are better search engines are:

1, Google search

Google search engine is the main product of Google Inc. is one of the world’s largest search engine, Google search engine has a website, images, newsgroups and directory services four functional modules to provide regular search and advanced search two functions.

Google search steno machine fast, the number of web pages in the search engine in the top, support for up to 132 languages, the search results of the accuracy rate is very high, with a unique image search function and a powerful newsgroup search function.

2, Duoji

Duoji’s most important feature is accurate, what pops up what search, definitely not give you some strange lace news, rankings and so on.

Searching for diseases, it will pop up symptoms and precautions; searching for brands, it will pop up the official website; searching for software, it will only pop up the official website and downloadable addresses.

For those students who need to study, study for exams, or work parties who can’t use Google, this search engine is perfect.

3, 360 search

360 search is the default search engine of the 360 browser, belonging to a comprehensive search engine services, including web pages, news, movies and television search products.

4, Sogou

Sogou Search is a subsidiary of Sohu, in addition to Baidu, the Chinese people’s favorite search engine is Sogou Search, which ranks second in China’s top ten search engines.

5, fruit victory

Fruit victory is a new August 2022 on-line search engine specializing in retrieving information about the network of government, including the national government website tens of millions of public consultation and answer the content of the data, in order to facilitate the netizens quickly search, find the doubts and solve the problem.

It is innovative in that it establishes a public comment and service rating function for each piece of government information, which is equivalent to adding a scoring and commenting function for each government office, so that people can supervise the government service personnel through public opinion and evaluate whether it is good to serve the people or not.

Thus it realizes its public service announcement slogan: “You are not alone in asking for politics, but asking for politics for the whole country!” Because every piece of information on political questioning may be retrieved and referred to by others, realizing its greater value.

Any good search engine sites to recommend?

Baidu: As one of the largest search engines in China, Baidu offers a wide range of search services, including web pages, images, videos, and many other types of searches.

Google: As one of the world’s most popular search engines, Google offers powerful search functions and has other useful tools and services such as Gmail, GoogleDrive, and more.

Wikipedia: Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia created and edited by users, providing a vast amount of knowledge and information covering a wide range of topics in various fields.

Coursera: Coursera is an online learning platform that offers free courses from the world’s top universities and institutions covering a wide range of subjects and areas of specialization.

KhanAcademy: KhanAcademy is a non-profit organization that provides free educational resources, including video lessons, practice questions and quizzes, for learners of all ages.

TED: TED is a platform dedicated to the dissemination of ideas and knowledge, offering a wide range of free talk videos covering a variety of topics, including science, technology, the arts, the humanities and more.

Please note that these are just a few common recommendations for free websites, and there are many other quality free websites to explore and utilize. The exact choice depends on your interests and needs.

What is the best search engine to use?

1. Baidu

Baidu is a world-renowned Chinese search engine dedicated to providing users with simple, reliable access to information.

Baidu contains tens of billions of Chinese pages, and the number of these pages is growing by tens of millions every day. At the same time, Baidu’s servers are distributed across the country and can feed search information directly from the nearest server to the current user, allowing users to enjoy a faster and more convenient search experience.

2, 360

360 search belongs to the full-text search engine, is currently widely used in one of the mainstream search engine. 360 search contains web pages, news, film and television search products, can bring users a safer, more real search service experience.

360 search has a powerful search technology, and has tens of thousands of servers, a huge spider crawler crawl the number of pages per day to reach hundreds of millions, the inclusion of hundreds of millions of high-quality pages, page search speed and quality are also very high.

3, Sogou

Sogou search is committed to the depth of the Chinese Internet information mining, can help users understand the information faster, creating value for users.

Sogou Search’s search products each have their own characteristics, and these characteristics greatly meet the needs of users, so that users can browse the Internet more smoothly.

4, Google

Google is the world’s largest search engine, is one of the most popular sites on the Internet, but also has a large user base. Google has won over users with its simple, clean page design and the most relevant search results.