hexadecimal to binary expression

What are the representations of hexadecimal to binary conversion?

The table of hexadecimal to binary conversion is as follows:

Extended information:

How to convert hexadecimal to binary

Steps to convert a hexadecimal number to binary: for each hexadecimal digit, convert to four binary digits.

For example: 3A7.B1H=1110100111.10110001B.

The method of converting binary to hexadecimal is to take the four-in-one method, i.e., from the decimal point of binary as the cut-off point, to the left (or to the right) of each of the four bits into a group.

After the group is complete, against the binary and hexadecimal number of the corresponding relationship between the four binary weighted addition, the number is a hexadecimal number, and then in order, the position of the decimal point remains unchanged, and finally obtained is the hexadecimal number.

Note that the representation of hexadecimal, expressed by the letter H suffix, such as BH represents the decimal number 11; can also be expressed by the 0X prefix, such as 0X23 is the hexadecimal 23, decimal 35 (2 * 16 + 3 = 35). Click to test whether I am suitable for learning design]

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