How long does it take to install the printer driver

How long does it take to install the driver for HP printer m126a

Generally 3 to 5 minutes, with a slight time difference depending on the system. If you encounter the problem that the driver installation time is too long, or the driver can not be installed. You need to update the printer’s software module first, find the printer software update download on HP’s official website, and then just re-download and install the driver again.

HP1050 Printer Driver Installation Takes a Few Minutes

It should be done within 5 minutes. I’ve installed several of my unit’s model.

How long does it take to install HP printer drivers

Due to the differences in computer system configuration and settings, the printer type of the various types, resulting in the printer driver can not be properly installed is also a common occurrence, the following share how to install the printer driver:

1, the printer needs the support of a specific service can also work properly, the service is “PrintSpooler”. If you want to install and use the printer normally, this service must be enabled.

The specific view of the service and open method: right-click “My Computer”, from the pop-up menu, select “Manage”.

2, in the open “Computer Management” window, in turn, “Services and Applications” → “Services”, find “PrintSpooler”. PrintSpooler” service and double-click to open.

3, and then in the pop-up window, make sure the service has been started. If not, set the “Startup Type” to “Automatic” and click the “Start” button to start the service.

4. Next, you can follow the instructions to install the printer driver.

Of course, if you don’t have a printer manual, you can install the printer driver in the following way.

Situation 1: If the printer driver is a self-installed program, you can first install the printer driver, and then connect to the printer after the driver installation is complete, then the computer will automatically identify the printer and find the matching driver to install.

5, case two: If the printer driver is not self-installed executable program, you need to add a printer through the control panel. Specific methods of operation, open the “Control Panel”, find and double-click “Devices and Printers” and enter.

6, right-click the window blank, select “Add Printer” item. Then you can follow the window prompts to select the appropriate printer driver to install it.