How the broadband username and password look like

How to check your own broadband account and password?

One, Unicom broadband number can be queried in the following ways:

1, through the “China Unicom online business hall”, the home page click on the “broadband – broadband services – broadband number inquiry

2. Through China Unicom APP, click on “Services – Broadband – Broadband Account Number Inquiry” and follow the instructions on the page to inquire the broadband number.

3. Call Unicom’s customer service hotline and provide the owner’s identity and other information to check the broadband number.

4, the owner himself with a valid ID original in person to the Unicom self-managed business hall query broadband number.

Second, Unicom broadband users who do not remember their broadband passwords can reset their broadband passwords in the following ways:

1. Call Unicom’s customer service hotline, and then reset your broadband password by providing the owner’s identity and the installation address and other information.

2, the owner himself with a valid ID original in person to reset the broadband password at the Unicom self-managed business hall.

Warm tips:

1. Please use it after 1 hour of password reset.

2. If you use a router to access the Internet, you need to set the password on the router to the same password you just reset in order to access the Internet normally (i.e., the router’s password needs to be the same as the reset password).

How to check your broadband account password

The broadband account password is an important credential for us to use the broadband internet service, sometimes we may forget it. However, don’t worry, we can check our broadband account password in the following ways.

The first way is to view it through the broadband router page. First, open the browser and enter the default IP address of the router, usually or In the login screen, enter the router’s username and password, if you haven’t changed it, the default username and password are admin. after logging in successfully, find the “Broadband Settings” or “Wi-Fi Settings” in the router’s management page. “or “WAN Settings” on the router’s management page, where you can see the details of your broadband account and password.

The second way is to check through the carrier’s official website. Each operator has its own user service center, we can log in to our account in the user service center, in the “account information” or “broadband information” page to see the details of the broadband account number and password.

The third way is to check through the customer service phone. If you don’t have access to the Internet or don’t know how to log in to your router or the operator’s website, you can call the operator’s customer service phone number and make a request to the customer service staff that you need to view your broadband account number and password, and the customer service staff will tell you the broadband account number and password based on your identity verification.

In short, all the above three ways can help you to view your broadband account number and password, just choose the right way according to your needs. At the same time, in order to protect the security of the account, we should be careful not to easily disclose their broadband account password, so as not to suffer unnecessary losses.