How to add a horizontal line in a word table

word in the table how to add a horizontal line?

The method is:

1, first open the form to add a horizontal line

2, and then click on the menu, Insert, Shape, click on the straight line tool.

3, in the need to add a horizontal line in the place, draw a line. Drawing can hold down the Shift key, draw a straighter. Then select the line, you can modify the color, and thickness.

4, and finally you can see the horizontal line in two plus good.

word form how to add a horizontal line

word document to add a horizontal form line is as follows:

1, first of all, open the need to add a form line Word document.

2, in the Form Tools tab, select Draw Form.

3, there is a pen can be drawn horizontally inside the form line.

MicrosoftWord, originally written by Richard Brodie in 1983 for IBM computers running DOS. Subsequent versions ran on AppleMacintosh (1984), SCOUNIX, and MicrosoftWindows (1989), and became part of Microsoft Office.MicrosoftWord is the word processor that holds the great advantage in current use, which makes Word-specific The file format Word document (.doc) has become the de facto most common standard.

Details of Word file formats are not publicly available; there is more than one Word file format, because as Word software itself is updated, the file formats are modified to a greater or lesser extent, and newer formats may not be read by older versions of the program (roughly because older versions do not have built-in support for the newer formats). Microsoft has announced the DOC format of Word 97 in detail, but information on the newer version is still not publicly available, and is only available internally and to government and research organizations. Rumor has it that some of the features of the Word file format are unknown even to Microsoft itself.