How to adjust back the computer web page display incomplete

What to do when the web page is not displayed in full

This tutorial operates under the following environment: windows7 system, InternetExplorer9, DellG3 computer.

With the development of the network Internet era, people’s need to access the Internet more and more, online can do more and more things. I believe that many people have more or less encountered, the web page loading is too slow, the web page display is incomplete, or directly no display of the situation. If we need to go online shopping, watch movies, etc., the web page display problems that really is a headache. The following is a brief introduction to some of the solutions.

The solution to the problem of incomplete display of web pages are:

Method 1: reset Internet Explorer

(1) Click on the desktop Internet Explorer “Properties”

(2) Find the IE browser properties bar ” Advanced ” settings

(2) Find IE browser properties bar. Advanced”

(3) Click “Reset” in the Reset item and click Confirm

(4) Tick the box to confirm the reset before deleting the personalization settings

Method 2: Modify the IE Browser Configuration

(1) Open your browser and find the toolbar

(2) Find Internet Options in the toolbar

(3) Open and select Internet Options and then click on Security Settings Options

(4) Locate Local in the Security and set the region’s

Summary: The above is the whole content of this article, I hope it will be helpful to you.

computer web page to open too large incomplete how to

1. web page to open too large screen display incomplete how to do, the toolbar is also displayed incomplete

Specific methods are as follows:

Methods 1: reset IE browser

1, click on the desktop of the IE browser’s Properties Bar,

Specifically, IE browser’s properties bar,

3, in the reset item to find reset click on confirmation,


2. Find the Advanced Settings item in the IE Browser property bar,

3. Find Reset in the Reset item and click Confirm,

4. Tick the checkbox to confirm the reset before deleting the personalized settings.

Method 2: Modify the configuration of Internet Explorer

1, open the browser to find the toolbar,

2, in the toolbar to find the Inter option,

3, open the selection of Inter option and click on the General of the Advanced Settings option,


4. In Security, find Local and set the level to Medium.

Method 3: Use Tencent’s computer clinic to fix the problem

1, open Tencent’s computer clinic to find the computer clinic, and find the computer clinic corresponds to the Internet anomaly

2, find the web page can not be displayed normally in the Internet anomaly, and then click Repair Now.

2. All the open windows of the computer, are very large, how to solve

If it is maximized, you can click on the window in the upper right corner of the middle of the three pictures icon to cancel the maximized state. If it is because of their own window is large, then you can through the following method to adjust the small, only need to operate once, after the class of this window will become smaller:

1, first of all, open my computer

2, move the mouse to the window of any of the four corners of the corner of the window can be operated, the following to the lower-right corner of the example, as shown in the figure, when the mouse to the lower-right corner of the window, there will be a large, very large, how to solve the problem? After the lower right corner of a two-way arrow, this time as long as you hold down the left mouse button and do not let go, and then at the same time in accordance with the direction of the three red arrows in the figure below drag the window can be narrowed

3, the following figure for the window after the effect of shrinking, as long as not actively adjusted, the future will be the size of this

3. Open the web page display incomplete how to solve

1, first of all, in the Win7 computer to open their often used browser window, such as Internet Explorer, we will open the IE browser window, click on the top of the hundred window Tools-Inter options.

2, in the Inter Options window, first in the General tab under the browsing history here click on the Delete button, so you can delete the temporary files and cookies.

3, then click on the browsing history under the Settings button, enter the Settings you can see a “use disk space” resize, this is the placement of temporary files, if the location of the space is too small, it will also lead to incomplete display of the web page, you can try to adjust the location of the space! You can try to resize it a bit.

4, in addition, you can click on the following figure shown in the View Documents button, and then will open the temporary files folder, which does not need to delete all the files, which will also free up some space for temporary files.

4. Every time you open a web page on your computer, it doesn’t appear to be maximized, so how do you do it

Simply, you should open the web page, click on “Maximize”, then close it, and the next time you open it, it will be “Maximize”. I’m not sure if you’re going to be able to do that.


Type regedit in “Run” to open the registry editor, select “HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\\Microsoft\InterExpert Microsoft\InterExplorer\Main\”, in the right window, delete the “Window_Placement” key, in the “HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Main\”, delete the “Window_Placement” key. Software\Microsoft\InterExplorer\Desktop\OldWork-Areas” in the right window, delete the “OldWorkAreaRects” key. Close the registry editor, restart your computer, maximize the IE window twice in a row (i.e. “Maximize‚ÜíRestore‚ÜíMaximize”), and restart IE again.

Originally the first answer, a modified into the third. I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to do that.

How to solve the problem of computer browser web page display incomplete

1, display incomplete that is because of the use of windowing or zoom function more than 100%, you can open the “Maximize” or “zoom function” to 100% on the can, first of all, open the computer browser, such as: Sogou browser.

2. After opening, click on the “Maximize” button in the upper right corner of the interface, you can see all the interior.

3, if the display is still incomplete, and then look at the bottom right corner of the “zoom function” is adjusted, the following chart: greater than 100% will also show incomplete.

4, click to adjust it to 100%.

5, so that after setting up, you can display all the interface content.

Web content display incomplete how to do

When we surf the Internet, such as on Taobao, browsing the web, may encounter the web page display incomplete situation. Here are three simple methods for you.

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Tools and materials:

Computer browser, 360 Security Guard.

How to do it


Method 1: Open your browser, find the Settings button on the top right of the homepage and click on Settings. Click on “Options” at the bottom of the settings bar.


After entering the Options interface, switch to the “Security” page, then click on “Local Intranet” at the bottom, and then change the “Security level in this area” to “Medium” at the bottom. and then change “Security level in this area” to “Medium” and click Confirm.


Method 2: In the same method 1, enter the “internet options” of the browser settings, and in the options settings, switch the interface to “Advanced”, and click on “Reset” at the bottom. The first step is to change the settings in the browser to “Internet Options”, and in the options settings, switch the interface to “Advanced” and click the “Reset” button at the bottom.


Method 3: Repair with 360 Security.

Open 360 Security Guard (here is the Pilot Edition), click on the bottom of the home page of the “human services”. In the human services interface, select “Internet anomaly”.


Enter “incomplete web page display” in the search bar, and fix the problem according to your own web page in the program below, as shown in the picture, there are a lot of programs, so be patient to find.

Win7 web page display incomplete how to do

We are using rainforest wind win7 flagship system comes with ie browser, sometimes the web page display incomplete situation, I believe many users have encountered this problem. But how do we solve it? There may be unfamiliar with the computer friends raised this question, then today I left to share with you win7 web page display incomplete solution it.

The solution is as follows:

Method 1: reset IE browser

1, find IE shortcut, right-click Properties.

2, Properties window to find the “Advanced” option, there is a “reset button”, click on the pop-up window, check the “Delete personalized settings”.

Method 2: Modify the IE browser configuration

1, in the IE browser interface, find the “Tools” option, find “Internet Options”, click on the enter.

2. Find “Local Intranet” in Security and set the security level to Medium.

The above is about win7 webpage display incomplete solution introduction. If your computer is in this situation, you can try the above method.