How to adjust the row height of a word table

word document table row height how to set where to set

Hello, the method is as follows word2019 version

Open word document, new form

Mouse select the form, right-click on the form properties

In the form properties to select the line

In the size of the line, check the specified height

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word form of how to adjust the line height

word form of how to adjust the line height?

The first step: in the operation of the Word table, we need to set the first table to open.

Step 2: Then move the mouse and click to set the line height of the table position, so that the cursor is displayed there can be set for the next step.

Step 3: Then click the right mouse button on the cursor, a selection box will pop up, find the “Table Properties” directly click into.

Step 4: When the form properties settings box pops up, you can see the top of the settings box, “line” selection, directly click to set.

Step 5: When we enter the row height settings in the selection field, you can modify the settings, when we fill in the row after the height value, you can directly click the settings box below the “OK” button.

This article is based on the Dell Spirit 5000 brand, Windows 10, Microsoft Officeword version 2019.