How to change jpeg format to jpg

How to change JPEG image to JPG?

JPEG image change to JPG can be done directly on the computer file name. After selecting the breast piece, right click and choose Rename. Then in the appearing modify file name interface will be after the suffix name of JPEG modified to JPG can be completed. The specific modification method is as follows:

Device: Lenovo Xiaoxin padPro11.5-inch computer;

Operating system: Win10 Professional;

Software: Windows comes with the picture viewer version 21H1.

1, you can see the current computer picture format JPEG format, select the picture after clicking the right mouse button.

2, in the right mouse button after clicking on the options appear in the click on the rename button.

3, in the file name input box will appear after the suffix JPEG modified to JPG.

4, and then in the appear whether to modify the file extension dialog box, click the Yes button.

5, at this point you can see that the JPEG image format has been modified to JPG format images.

Image how to change jpeg to jpg?

jpeg to jpg conversion, if a small amount, you can use manual modification, a large amount of software can be used to batch process.

jpeg to jpg method 1: uncheck the Hide extensions of known file types, and then directly change the suffix can be jpeg to jpg.

jpeg to jpg method 2: Click Start – Run, type cmd, open DOS Command Prompt window. For example, your current disk drive, such as (in the D disk on the type D: Enter), enter the picture directory, such as (AAA on the type CDAAA Enter. Then enter the command: REN*.jpeg*.jpe/f/s/q/a.

jpeg to jpg conversion method 3: Use Format Factory, Baidu Format Factory official, download and install. Enter click on the picture format conversion.

JPEG format how to convert jpg

This video demonstrates the model: Dell Spirit 7000, applicable system: Windows 10;

jpeg and jpg is the same file format, jpg is a simplified extension of the jpeg, first of all, double-click to open the desktop of the 【My Computer】, in the menu bar, select 【View】, in the pull-down menu click the options], enter the folder options, click on the top of the [View], the mouse down, in the [Advanced Settings] project;

Find [Hide extensions of known file types] option, will be [checkbox] cancel, click [OK] to exit the setup, you can see that the hidden extensions have been shown, right-click on the file you want to modify, and in the pop-up menu, select [Rename], will be suffixed with the name of the file you want to modify, you can see that the file you want to modify is a jpeg. Rename], the suffix of [jpeg] to [jpg] can be.