How to change the path of my documents to the d-disk?

How to transfer files from c-disk to d-disk?

The following can be transferred to the D drive:

1, My Documents can be transferred to the D drive, this many GHOST systems have similar mobile processing.

2, favorites can be transferred to the D drive.

3, third-party software (you can choose to install the path) can be installed to the D drive, and is not recommended to install to the C drive.

4. Data can be transferred to other disks, not to the C drive.

5. All the files on the desktop belong to the C drive, so it is recommended to streamline the desktop files and keep the common ones.


The C drive is one of the main partitions of the computer hard disk, generally used for storage or installation of the system to use. For a single operating system installed on the local hard disk, it is the default local system boot disk.

Most of the files in the C drive are mainly composed of DocumentsandSettings, Windows, ProgramFiles, and other system folders. The ProgramFiles folder is generally the default location for installing software, and the C drive is also the location of the main virus attack, so it is important to protect the C drive closely, and if necessary, to perform a The C drive is also the main location for virus attacks, so it is important to protect the C drive closely and make backups if necessary to avoid serious failures and irrecoverable losses.

How to change the default location of downloaded files to D disk?

Operating computer: Lenovo PC GeekPro2020

Operating system: win10190964-bit Enterprise Edition

The steps to change the computer’s default location for downloading files to D Disk are as follows:

1. Mouse click on the Start menu in the lower left corner, select the Settings icon, click on System, Storage, and choose to change the new content of the save location.

2. Open it and find Storage.

3. Then scroll down to find the save location for Change New Content.

4, these all check the box for the D drive, click Apply and you’re done.

Maintaining your computer:

1. Use a blow-up balloon to clean the dust between the keyboard keys

Fans should be dusted regularly with a cotton swab. Use a blow-up balloon to remove dust from the floppy drive. If you have to remove the board and install it again, pay attention to whether the position is accurate, whether the slots are firmly inserted, whether the connecting wires are correct, and so on.

2, the use of computer maintenance

Disk fragmentation three months to organize once, do not run other programs when organizing, or damage to the hard disk, try not to high-speed download, hard disk damage, do not open too many programs, affecting the CPU.

3, good personal habits

Keep the placement of computers in the room dry and clean, especially the The computer workstation should be dusted every day (or two or three days, depending on the cleanliness of the room). Turn your computer on (peripherals first, then mainframe) and off correctly. Always kill the virus before using the CD-ROM or software; also check the virus again after installing or using it, because some antivirus software can’t do anything about the virus in the compressed file. If the system quits abnormally or loses power unexpectedly, you should scan the hard disk as soon as possible to repair the errors in time.

The way to change the path of Win7 My Documents to D disk

When we download all kinds of files in windows 7 system, the files will be saved in My Documents by default. But since My Documents is in the c-disk by default, it is easy to burden the system. Therefore, many users want to change the path of my documents, but direct copy and paste and no users. So how can you transfer the file out of the c disk? Users who need to hurry to view this article tutorial it.

win7 my documents to change the path of how to operate

Specific steps are as follows:

1, first click on the lower-left corner of the start, open the “personal folder”

2, and then find one of the “My Documents”, right-click to select it and click “My Documents”. Right-click to select it and click “Properties”

3, and then click on the upper “Location” tab, you can see the location of the folder path shown.

4, click on “Move”, and then select the location you need to move to. I chose to d disk.

5, then we can see the original location and the new location through the prompts, after determining to click on “Yes”

6, and finally just wait for the files to be moved to complete it.