How to change wifi username and password

How to change wifi password and nameHow to change wifi password and name

First, check the bottom of the router’s address information in the browser address bar, and then enter the account password to log in. Then find and click on the wifi icon in the homepage, then in the wifi management interface, you can change the wifi name and wifi password, change the wifi name and wifi password, and then click on [Apply], and then restart the router.

How to change the wifi password and name

1, first find the router, flip the router to the bottom, there is a background management address, write down this address.

2, enter the address at the bottom of the router into the address bar of your computer or cell phone browser, and then enter your account number or password to log in as required.

3. After logging in, there are a lot of icons on the homepage, move your mouse to the top to show the detailed menu name, find “wifi icon” and click it.

4. In this wifi management interface, you can modify the wifi name, wifi password, encryption method, and also hide the wifi name, and then click “Apply” after setting up.

5. After modifying the name and password, the router will reboot automatically, and the modified information will take effect only after the reboot, if the router does not reboot, you can manually reboot the router by putting the power on.

The above is about how to change the wifi password and name of the content of the introduction.

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How to change wifi name and password

1, open the browser, enter the router URL to enter.

2. In the login screen, enter your username and password and click OK.

3. Enter the page, click on the Tools icon in the upper right corner, select Network Settings, Wireless Configuration.

4, you can change the wireless name and password in the page, after finishing, click OK.

WiFi can be simply understood as wireless Internet access, almost all smartphones, tablets and laptops support WiFi Internet access, is one of the most widely used wireless network transmission technology today.

How to change the router’s wifi name and password

Modify the router’s wifi name and password method:

1, open the phone’s [Settings Options] to find the [WI-FI] option (Tip: some models are wireless network option).

2, and then connect to the name of the router (if you have already connected to the WIFI is not necessary).

3, after connecting we click on the [i] symbol on the side of the WiFi signal to display the ip address of the router (note: generally the ip of the router is or,).

4, the computer to view the ip address is, press win + r key combination, in the run inside type cmd. in the pop-up black window, type ipconfig/all, you can view the computer’s ip information.

5, open the phone or computer browser, in the address bar, search for or (ip address see the back of the router information).

6, enter, we will enter the router’s login interface, this time we need to enter the router’s administrator account and password (account and password, see the back of the router information, the default is admin).

7, after the input is complete, click the arrow below or enter to log in, this time it will enter the router’s Internet settings interface. This time we can see the wireless settings inside the router, at this time you can modify the name and password of the router.

8, finally we return to step one of the operation, find the settings, WiFi, search for their WiFi name, and then enter the password to connect, enter the completion of the connection will show success.

How to change the router’s wifi name and password

How to change the router’s wifi name and password, as follows:

Our wireless router wifi for a long time after the use of the network to avoid being rubbed out, you can periodically modify the wifi user name or wifi password. Modify the wifi password, you need to log into the background of the wireless router, so the premise is that you need to know your router background login password to operate.

Open a browser on your cell phone or computer, enter your wireless router’s login address, and then enter your login password. If you don’t know it, you can look at the back of the router, which will have the login address and default password marked.

Enter your wireless router’s background management interface and click on the “Wifi Settings” button. Nowadays, many routers are equipped with dual signals, 5g and 2.4g lines. Select the wifi line you want to change.

Finally, just re-enter the WiFi name and WiFi mask. Click on the Save button to change the wifi name and password successfully. The router will automatically reboot once during the change process, and when the reboot is complete, the device can reconnect to the new wifi.WiFi passwords vary from router to router, the login address and setup interface will be slightly different. But the modification logic is the same.

What is a router:

A router is a hardware device that connects two or more networks, acts as a gateway between networks, and is a specialized, intelligent network device that reads the address in each packet and then decides how to transmit it. It understands different protocols, such as Ethernet for a particular LAN and TCP/IP for the Internet.

How to change the mobile Wifi username and password with a cell phone?

1. Find your cell phone settings and open Mobile Network Sharing. Click on Portable WiFi Hotspot. Click on Configure WiFi Hotspot and in there you can set your WiFi name and password.

2. Click Continue Access to open your mobile browser and click Continue Access to the web version. Click Enter PasswordIn the login screen, click Enter Password. Click Modify UsernameClick on the name at the top to make changes to your username.

3, the phone connected to the router’s wireless signal, open the cell phone browser, and then enter the router’s management address and login password to enter the background. If you need to change the wireless password, click Wireless Security Settings and then change the wireless password.

4. If you want to change the hotspot WiFi password: you can go to Settings – Other Networks and Connections – Personal Hotspot – Hotspot Configuration – Password, enter the new password to change it, and then finish saving.