How to format a table with a business website template

How to make table formatting for tables

The steps to make table formatting for tables are as follows:

Open the excel table and select the table area. Right-click on the mouse and click Set Cell Format. In the cell formatting dialog box, click to switch to alignment, set horizontal center, vertical center, check the merge cells. You can merge the selected form area. Enter the table title can be.

excel has the following features:

1. Basic Excel functions. Basically, excel controls support some of the basic functions of excel, such as single selection, multiple selection, merge cells, multiple worksheets, cross worksheets, formula indexing, hierarchical display, grouping, conditional formatting, sorting, line filtering and so on.

2, import and export Excel. In general, excel controls will be installed independently of the excel file format input and output engine, excel file format input and output can be in the environment without installing excel. Charts, graphs, and images designed during the development process will be output as objects to the excel file.

3, Excel formula support. Excel control has a formula calculation engine to support built-in functions, and use the built-in functions and operators to customize the formula. Commonly supported functions include date and time functions, engineering calculation functions, financial calculation functions, logic functions, mathematical trigonometric functions, statistical functions, text functions and so on.

Do form how to adjust the format

Do form how to adjust the format

Do form how to adjust the format, in our daily life work, we occasionally encounter some of their own do not know how to solve the problem, such as adjusting the excel table, wps table, word table format. So do form how to adjust the format?

How to do tables formatting 1

1, open an excel form, click the “Start” tab “Style” group in the “cell style” button, expand the Cell Style drop-down menu.

2, in the drop-down menu in the “Customize” area, right-click on the need to modify the cell style, pop-up right-click shortcut menu.

3, click the shortcut menu in the “Modify” command, open the “Style” dialog box.

4, in the “Style” dialog box, click the “Format” button to open the “Set Cell Format” dialog box.

5, in the “Set Cell Format” dialog box, modify the cell styles contained in the format, such as adding a background color, etc., to complete the modification click “OK” button to return to the “Style” dialog box. Style” dialog box.

6, click “Style” dialog box in the “OK” button to close the dialog box.

How to format a table 2

Draw a table in a word document

Methods / Steps

1, first look at how to make a table. In the menu bar, click the “Insert” button, and then click the “form” will appear to create a table of several methods. Select the first “Insert Form”, drag the mouse, in accordance with the red area to select the required rows and columns, such as 3 lines and 4 columns, click on it.

2, in the “Insert” – “Forms” in the choice of clicking on the second “Insert Form”, there will be an Insert Form dialog box. In the “Columns”, enter the number of columns needed to insert the form, in the “Number of rows”, enter the number of rows needed to insert the form, click “OK” on it.

3, in the “Insert” – “Forms” in the choice to click on “Draw Forms”, the mouse will become the shape of a pen, according to their own need to draw the form. You can also choose to click on the “excel” spreadsheet, there will be a spreadsheet, according to the need to select the rows and columns, you can also select the “Quick Form” to choose the desired form.

4, the form is ready, I introduced a simple method of adjusting the format of the table: randomly select a line or a column of the table (a separate selection of a few cells can also be), click the right button, there will be a lot of options, such as Insert – rows, columns, cells, delete the columns, merge cells, the average distribution of rows and columns, and so on.

5, the mouse casually click one of the cells, click the right button, select the “split cell” item, click, a dialog box will appear, select the cell you want to split the rows and columns, click OK.

6, if you want to change the form of row height and column width, you can drag the mouse to change at will, you can also choose to change the form of parts, right-click, select “Form Properties” will appear in a dialog box, from there to adjust the height of the rows and columns, you can.


There is no mention of clicking the right button, is to click the left button.

do table how to adjust the format 3

wps table format how to adjust (novice wps make table steps)

For the cell or cell region of the formatting operation is introduced, will be introduced to the entire worksheet for some of the more integrated whole table formatting operations, including setting the background of the worksheet, automatically apply formatting and so on. Proficiency in this section will improve the quality and editing speed of the worksheet

Setting the Worksheet Background

By default, the background of the worksheet is white. You can choose a personalized and tasteful image file as the background of the worksheet to make the form more personalized.

1. Add the background of the worksheet

Click the “Page Layout” tab “Page Setup” command group “Background” command button, pop-up “Worksheet Background” pop-up “Worksheet Background” dialog box, in the dialog box, select the picture file to be used as the background of the worksheet, click the “Insert” button.

2. Delete the worksheet background

Click “Page Layout” tab “Page Setup” command group “Delete Background” command, you can delete the worksheet background pattern. background pattern of the worksheet.


When you add a worksheet background, the Background command button in the Page Layout tab Page Setup command group is replaced with the Delete Background command in the Page Layout tab Page Setup command group. “Remove Background” command button.

Changing the color of worksheet labels

An Excel workbook can contain a number of worksheets, each worksheet has a name, also known as the worksheet label, displayed at the bottom of the workbook window. Label display area. In Excel you can add a variety of colors to the worksheet label, so that each worksheet more eye-catching. The steps are as follows.

Step 1: Select the need to add color worksheet labels.

Step 2: Set the label color. In the “Start” tab of the “Cells” command group, click “Format” ยกรบ “Worksheet Label Color ” command, from the pop-up cascade menu, select the desired color.

You can also right-click the mouse to set the color of the worksheet label, in the pop-up shortcut menu to set.


The small vertical block between the tab bar and the horizontal scroll bar is the tab splitter box. When the mouse pointer is pointed at the tab splitter box, the pointer becomes two short vertical lines with a pair of horizontally oriented arrows. Drag the tabbed splitter box to increase the length of the horizontal scrollbar or tabbed box, and double-click the tabbed splitter box to restore its default position.

Apply table formatting

In order to set up the table standard, standardized, you can use Excel to provide a variety of professional form styles to set up the entire worksheet for multiple integrated formatting at the same time, automatic and rapid formatting of the table.

1. Apply the table format

Apply the table formatting steps are as follows.

Step 1: Select the area of the table to be formatted.

Step 2: Open the Table Style drop-down list. In the “Start” tab of the “Style” command group, click the “Apply Table Format” command to bring up the table style drop-down list, as shown in the figure.

Step 3: Apply table formatting. Click the table style you want to use, open the Apply Table Format dialog box, as shown. In the “Source of Table Data” text box, the default display has been selected in the table area, you can reset as needed, confirm and click the “OK” button


After applying the table format, in the first row of the table will be the title of the header After formatting the table, in the first row of the table at the header will appear respectively in the lower triangle button, click these buttons can be sorted and filtered table.

Changing/Deleting Applied Table Formatting

When you select a cell area or any cell in an area where a table style has been applied, the Table Tools contextual tab automatically appears on the Excel ribbon, including the Design tab. “sub-tab. If you need to change the table style, then click the “table style” command group “on” “down” or “Other “command button, in the expanded list of table styles, select the desired style can be; if you want to delete the applied table styles, click the “Other” command button, in the expanded list of styles in the implementation of the “clear” command

If you want to apply the table style of the form of the region converted to a common region, then click the “Tools” command group “Convert to Region” command button, in the pop-up dialog box, click “OK! ” button can be. Converted to a common area, the first line of the form of the title is no longer in the lower triangle button, but the set of formatting is still retained.

How to adjust the table format

The steps to adjust the table format are as follows:

Operating environment: redmi g2022, Windows 11, wps15120 version, etc.

1, select any cell in the table, or to be used as a table format cell area.

2, in the “Start” tab, click “Format” for “Table”.

3, click on the table you want to use the style.

Excel sorting and filtering of data:

Operating environment: Redmi g2022, Windows 11, wps15120 version.

1, sort data: Select the data range to be sorted, and then click the “Data” tab on the “Sort and Filter” button. In the drop-down menu, you can choose to sort the data in ascending or descending order. You can also choose to sort by a specific column or by multiple columns.

2. Filter data: Select the range of data you want to filter, and then click the “Filter” button on the “Data” tab. This will add drop-down arrows on the selected columns. Click on these arrows to select the values to be shown or hidden. You can also use advanced filtering features such as Text Filter and Numeric Filter to filter the data more accurately.

3, copy the results of screening: If you have filtered the data, you can use the “Copy” function to copy the results of screening to other locations. Select the filtered data, right-click and select “Copy”. Then, go to the location where you want to paste the results, right-click and select “Paste”.

4. Apply filters: If you want to apply filters to the entire worksheet instead of individual ranges, you can click the Clear button on the Data tab and select Clear All Filters. Filters. This removes all filters and restores the original data.

Excel how to do form

The need for basic border settings, header settings, as well as the basic content of the input, so that we can create a very good-looking form. excel itself is a form of software, so in excel inside the form is very simple to create, can be summarized as a basic merger of cells, splitting the cells and so on.

Right-click on the desktop in the shortcut menu, select “Properties — New excel worksheet” command. Name the new form named “statistics”, double-click to open the file. Set up a good form of the operating range that the paper size, here set to A4, page layout – paper size – A4. Select all the rows of the page, right-click and select “line height” command, set the line height. Select the header location of the cell, right-click and select “Set Cell Format”.

In the “Set Cell Format” dialog box, select the “Alignment” tab, check the “Merge Cells”, click “OK! “button. After the merger, enter the text “Statistical Table Summary”, and center it. Input data, here only part of the input. Select the cell where the form data, right-click and select “Set Cell Format” command, select the “Border” tab in the dialog box, set the form of the frame line thickness, set up after clicking “OK! “.

Related Information

MicrosoftOffice is a suite of office software developed by Microsoft that runs on MicrosoftWindows, WindowsPhone, Mac series, iOS and Android. Like other Office applications, it includes federated servers and Internet-based services.

Office was originally a promotional name that appeared in the early 1990s to refer to a collection of software that had previously been sold separately. The main promotional focus at the time was that you could save a lot of money by buying a collection rather than buying them individually. The original versions of Office included Word, Excel, and PowerPoint; the Professional Edition included Microsoft Access; Microsoft Outlook did not exist.

word how to do table steps

The first step: sometimes take a document, it may already have some of its own formatting, but it is a bit of a mess, this time a little bit of change instead of trouble.

Second step: set the full text format (font, font size, line spacing)

The body of the general Song, small four characters, line spacing is a fixed value of 20 pounds (if you choose to five characters will be spaced 18 pounds)

Selected text – right-click – font

Selected text – right-click – paragraph

Third step: set the format of one, two or three titles -(outline level, paragraph before and after, indentation, font, font size)

The first level of headings outline level 1, left-justified, 1 line before and after the paragraph, left indentation of 2 characters, three bold or Microsoft Yasuo

The second level of headings outline level 2, left-justified, before and after the paragraph of 0.5 lines, no indent, small three bold or Microsoft bold

Third-level headings outline level 3, left-justified, 12 pounds before the paragraph, 6 pounds after the paragraph, not indented, 13 bold or bold


Selected text – right-click – paragraph

Step 4: Insert a table of contents

2010 word version of the citation, I remember the previous version of the In the previous version I remember in the insert

Point insert directory – select the level of display as needed

Step 5: header footer page number settings

Different pages want to show a different header (or some of the partners do not know how to do not show the header in the first page page number) are a very important issue – pay attention to the subsections!

If you want to show a different header for this page and the previous page, or if you want to start from the beginning, insert a separator at the end of the previous page! For the separator, please select the section break.

Sixth step: create the cover

Here depends on your own needs, the general name of the organization / school, logo, theme, participants are indispensable

Logo and name can be placed in the upper left corner or the upper right corner

Theme name or something in the middle of the center on it

People and what to do with the theme and what to put in the bottom right corner

People and what to follow the theme and what to put in the bottom right corner

People, what to do with the theme and what to put in the bottom right corner. placed in the lower right corner

Lastly, there are some small tips to share with you:

1. make good use of the formatting brush;

2. make good use of F4 – redo the previous step;

3. punctuation to find and replace (sometimes in the hands of the word there may be some things to paste from the pdf, is not very user-friendly, the Chinese punctuation has become English. Chinese punctuation have become English punctuation, this time batch find replace is very important);

4. English articles remember to choose the two ends of the alignment;

5. If you need to print the document, the English language and the number of choices of Arial font, if it is an electronic version of the best possible or TimesNewRoman

6. If you print the document, you can choose to use five Font 18-pound spacing can be.