How to make a word form with attached pages

WORD table how to attach a page

1, first of all, need to adjust the file open, click on the arrow in the upper left corner to select the entire form,

2, click the right mouse button, click the form properties.

3, in the pop-up box, select “Columns”.

4, click on the “specified height” before the cancel the check mark, the value of the smaller, and then click OK.

5, at this time the form has been on a page, complete the picture.

A column is not finished want to attach another page how to operate

Please follow the steps below

1. open word document, click on a page after the last line.

2. Then click the Insert button at the top of the interface.

3. In the subsequent opening of the interface click on the paging button.

4. Then you can see in the previous page is not finished, the next page has been attached to a separate out.

word form behind how to add a blank page

word add a blank page method 1

1, word insert a blank page method is very simple, first of all, I open a word document.

2, first locate the cursor position, and then click Insert-Blank Page.

3, after narrowing the view you can see word insert a blank page successfully.

word add a blank page method 2

1, first of all, or locate the cursor, and then select the page layout – separator – the next page.

2, at this time the cursor began paging, as above, insert a page break again on the appearance of a blank page.