How to make a word table with compact fonts

word font how to set tight?

word font set tight steps are:

1, select the need to set tight font text.

2, click to select the start option.

3. Click to open the Font Tools.

4. Click to select options.

5, change the spacing to the “tight” option.

6, click the OK button to save the settings.

Demonstration tools

Demonstration computer: ASUS Chosen 4

Computer system: Windows11

Computer software: Word2021

How do you get a table and text to fit snugly together?

Open a word document and click on the Insert button at the taskbar at the top of the document. In the subsequent switch to the tab interface click on the text box button to insert a simple text box. Subsequently in the text box to enter the text to be displayed above the form. Then drag the text box very close to the top of the form.

Open a Word document, right-click on the form, the menu click “Form Properties”. In the form tab, click “Options”. After opening the form options, the default cell margins are set to “0”, check the “automatically resize to fit the content”, click “OK”.

Should be caused by the font and line spacing settings of the table title. You can select all the text of the table title (the entire line of the title) and then use “Format – Font” or “Format – Paragraph – Line Spacing” to adjust it.

In WORD, so that the text and form borders next to each other, you can use the “automatic adjustment form” to achieve. Method steps are as follows: open the need to operate the WORD document, select the form, through the right mouse button click on “Form Properties”. In the line label, cancel the “specified height” check box.

Open Word document, inserted in the form of text, you can see the text and the left side of the border has a certain distance. Select the form, click the right mouse button, in the pop-up options click “Form Properties”. Then in the pop-up dialog box, click on the “cell”.

How to make vertical fonts next to each other in word form

Check the right “paragraph” – line spacing is set to a fixed value of 8 lbs.

The text in a word table takes up too much space in the table, how can I adjust it to make it more compact?

Select the text, right-click, select the paragraph, and then adjust the spacing, as big as you want, as you like!

How to make WORD text compact

The specific steps to make WORD text compact are as follows:

We need to prepare the materials are: computer, Word document.

1, first of all, we need to open the Word document to be edited, select the text that needs to be set, right-click to open the “font”.

2, and then we click on the pop-up window to open the advanced “spacing”, select “compact”, and then enter to determine.

3, then we right-click to open the “paragraph”.

4, and then we click on the pop-up window before the paragraph after the back of the input box, enter the appropriate value can be.