How to make word tables shrink without getting smaller

How to shrink the table in word document?

1, find the grid to adjust the table two buttons. Normal-sized Word form if you happen to be able to display on the page when you move the mouse to any position in the form, the form will appear at the same time two icon symbols, one in the form of the upper left corner of the “field” type of small box, in the middle of a “ten “cross arrows; another is in the form of the lower left corner of the smaller box, like a “mouth”, you move the mouse away from the form, the two buttons will disappear. If the form is too large, sometimes you can not see the two button icons, especially in the lower left corner of the “mouth” type. Now you are in the state of “form too big”. Please keep in the expansion of this form how many pages, move the mouse to the bottom left corner of the Word desktop from left to right there are five small icons, they are “General View”, “Web Layout View”, “Page View “,” large network view “and” reading layout “, you should now be in Word’s” Page View “state, you click on the leftmost that “Normal View” icon, of course, point “Web layout view”, “large network view” can also be. You will see the full picture of the form, and more importantly, you will be able to see the two buttons to adjust the form.

2, form the role of the two button icons.

First, the role of the upper-left corner button icon: If you click the upper-left corner of the button does not release the mouse, you can move the entire form of the position, if you double-click the button icon, will pop up the “Form Properties” dialog box, allowing you to adjust the form of the relevant properties.

Second, the role of the lower-left corner of the button icon: you move the mouse to the top of the button, the mouse will become a diagonal two-way arrow, press the mouse do not let go at the same time to move, you can ensure that the form of the premise of the proportion of the form of scaling to change the size of the form (highly recommended). Note that the mouse moved to the form of the four side lines can also change the size of the form, however, the form will be deformed, your “VAT return” should be a standard form, should not be deformed. At this point, you have to use the mouse to hold down the bottom left corner of the button to the form of proportional reduction, now regardless of its actual size, first of all to ensure that the form can be loaded onto the page (rather than a little bit smaller does not matter).

3, restore the page and calibrate the original form size. You shrink the operation above, it is estimated that the form can be loaded into the page to go, we must move the mouse again to the Word desktop in the lower left corner of the left to the right there are five small icons, click on the “Page View” icon, you are back to a normal Word page up, of course, on the page you have just shrunk! form. At this point, you first need to click on the desktop in the upper left corner of the “File” ยกรบ “Page Setup”, approved the form of this form of paper size and the four sides of the margins, try to be the same as the original form is good. Then just said drag the form of the lower-left corner of the button method, the form to pull the entire page, and then do not forget to click on “Save”, and finally you can print out and the original size of the standard form, and will not be deformed.

By the way, some users may think that my approach is too complex, directly with the “clear format” on it, then you can also try, but I think that the standard form page size and your current page size and so on whether the specifications are completely consistent, if consistent, I encourage you to direct! “clear format”, if the specifications do not match will be much trouble.

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