How to see birthday and age in Taiwan ID card number

Urgent !!!! Taiwanese ID number, date of birth. How to recognize ??????????

Unlike mainland China,

It is impossible to tell from the ID number

Only the first letter is the region (let’s say A is Taipei City, F is Taipei County)

The first letter is the gender, usually 1 is for boys, 2 is for girls

The others are the optional numbers used in the household registration at that time

Therefore, it is impossible to tell. Date of birth

How can I tell my birthday from the number of my THB?

There is no correlation between the document number of the THB and the date of birth of the THB holder.

1. The document number of the THB is not related to the date of birth of the THB holder. If you want to check the date of birth of a THB holder, you can just check it on the first page of the THB.

2. The e-TBC is designed and produced with reference to the international standards for electronic card-based travel documents, eliminating the endorsement area, while streamlining and optimizing the registration items and visual information. The e-Taiwanese Travel Permit is embedded with a secure smart chip, which can be automatically checked and compared by the immigration management information system, and adopts a variety of security measures such as digital security anti-counterfeiting technology, which significantly improves the anti-counterfeiting performance.

3. The e-TBBC number continues to follow the compilation rule of “one person one, unchanged for life”, and uses an 8-digit personal lifetime number, which will not be changed after Taiwan residents who have applied for a 5-year validity of a valid Taiwan Compatriot Permit have renewed their e-TBBCs. The fee for applying for the e-TBBC will also remain unchanged. After the launch of the e-TBBC, the existing local-type permits that are still within the validity period can continue to be used (without the need to apply for an endorsement). Taiwan residents who hold a Taiwan compatriot card can apply to the border control authorities for self-service customs clearance information for the record, and those who have previously filed for an electronic Taiwan compatriot card can continue to pass through the self-service channel after receiving an electronic Taiwan compatriot card.