How to set the border line of ppt text box

ppt text box how to set

Open the PPT file, select the need to modify the text box, right mouse click, select [Set Object Format], in the [Shape Options], the text box of the [Fill and Lines], [Effect], [Size and Properties] and other changes can be made.

ppt how to set the box line color

1, into the ppt, select the menu bar “Insert” in the “text box – horizontal text box”.

2, in the need to add text in the slide, click the left mouse button, select the text box, switch to the “Drawing Tools” menu, click the “outline” behind the drop-down triangle.

3, in the “Outline” drop-down menu, select the text box to set the line color can be.

ppt template table how to add a border line?ppt how to add a diagonal bar in the table

How to set the table border style in PPT?

Set the table border style in PPT as follows:

1. Open PPT and create a blank slide.

2. Click [Insert] – [Table] to draw a table.

3. Enter text and data in the table.

4. Set the row height and column width of the table, as well as the font and size of the text.

5. Select the table, click [Table Style], select the border style we need on it. This solves the problem of setting the table border style in PPT.

ppt how to add a diagonal bar in the form 1, first insert a form, assuming that we want to insert a diagonal line in the upper left corner of the form. 2, select the ppt template () form, click on the “Form Styles” toolbar, and then point to the right to the most more 3, the cursor point to the upper left corner of the form, the table in the form style to set up the line type, color, etc.. Border drop-down menu, select the “diagonal line”. 4, the form of diagonal line appears, but the form is not divided into two. Therefore, the form of text is generally divided into two lines, the first line right-aligned, the second line left-aligned. 5, Word table settings: select the form, right-click to find the border settings. Other as above.PPT how to add this text box?

Click Insert – text box can be.

Tools: PPT2010 version.

1, the following chart, open the PPT document, click the upper left corner of the page “Insert”, in the Insert menu bar, click the “text box”;

2, in the pop-up box, you can select ” Horizontal text box” and “vertical text box”, here is an example of the choice of horizontal text box, click;

3, and then hold down the left mouse button can be drawn in the PPT text box;

4, this time, directly in the box to enter the text can be.


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