How to turn off automatic updates on Apple laptops

How to turn off automatic system updates on your laptop

How to turn off automatic system updates on your laptop is as follows.

1. Click Settings computer desktop click on the bottom of the Start, click Settings. 2. Click Update and Security in the Windows Settings interface click Update and Security. 3. Click Advanced Options in the interface after the jump click on Windows Update, in the right side of the click on the Advanced Options. 4. Slide to close the Advanced Options interface slide to close the update option can be.

The steps for Apple are as follows.

1. Click Apple on the desktop of your computer, click Apple in the upper left corner, click System Preferences in the pop-up drop-down box, and then enter the System Preferences interface.2. Click Software Update in the System Preferences interface, click General, and then click Software Update.3. Click Automatic Updates in the Software Updates interface, and then click Automatic Updates.4. Click Done to slide off the pop-up dialog box, and click Done.

I hope the above instructions can help you.

So recently, some users have asked me how to turn off automatic updates on Apple computers? So for this problem, today I will share with you about the Apple system to close the automatic update graphic steps.

The graphic steps are as follows:

1, in a blank desktop using the shortcut key “command “+”, “to enter the system settings interface; or click on the top left corner of the black apple, in the pop-up tab, select the system Preferences, enter into the system settings interface, the following figure:

2, in the system settings interface to find the AppStore, and then click to enter the interface in the figure below to cancel the automatic check for updates.

3. Exit the system settings and finish.

The above is about the Apple system to turn off the automatic update of the graphic steps ah, the need for netizens can follow the above steps to operate oh.

How to turn off system updates on iPad

The way to turn off system updates on iPad is as follows:

1, find the “Settings” icon on the iPad’s home screen, and click to open it.

2, in the list of settings to find “iTunesStore and AppStore” option, click to open.

3. Then you can see the setting option of automatic app updates in the right pane.

4. Click on the right pane to turn off the “Apps” auto-update switch.

The iPad is a line of tablet computers launched by Apple Inc. and designed by a team led by design chief Jonathan Ive. The first iPad was launched on April 3, 2010. iPad is positioned between Apple’s smartphone iPhone and laptop products, offering the ability to browse websites, send and receive email, view e-books, play audio or video, play games, etc. It is divided into four series: iPad, iPadmini, iPadAir, and iPadPro.

AppleInc. is an American high-tech company founded on April 1, 1976 by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Lo-Wayne, and named Apple Computer Inc. in the United States, and renamed Apple Inc. on January 9, 2007, headquartered in Cupertino, California, and was listed on the December 12, 1980 It was listed in a public offering. Its principal activities include the design, development and sale of consumer electronics, computer software, online services and personal computers.

Apple computer to turn off the system automatic update upgrade reminder

Apple computer is a computer that many people are using, this computer is very unique in terms of the system, it uses macOS system, this system is very different from other computer systems. When we use this operating system, the computer system will be updated and upgraded over time, so the computer desktop often sends out a reminder of automatic system updates and upgrades. If you don’t want to upgrade your system, these reminders will disturb us and cause us a lot of trouble, so you can turn it off. Then I will give you a detailed introduction to the Apple computer to turn off the system automatically update upgrade reminders of the specific operation method, the need for friends can take a look.


1. First of all, open the computer, we click on the Apple icon button in the upper left corner of the computer desktop, below which a drop-down box will appear, in the drop-down box, select “System Preferences” option.

2. Then a System Preferences page will appear on the interface, we find the “AppStore” option on the page, click the option.

3. Then you will see the page shown in the image below, we find a small lock icon button in the bottom left corner of the page, click on the button and then proceed to the next step.

4. Then a window will pop up on the interface, we enter the username and password in the window, and then click the “Unlock” button to unlock.

5. Next, you will see the interface shown in the figure below, where you will find the option “Automatically check for updates” with a small box in front of it and a checkmark in the box.

6. After completing all the above steps, we click on the small box in front of the “Automatically check for updates” option to make the checkbox disappear, and then click on the red circle button in the upper-left corner of the interface to close the interface, so that you can successfully turn off the system automatic update upgrade reminders.

The above is the Apple computer I organized to close the system automatically update upgrade reminder of the specific method of operation, the method is simple and easy to understand, there is a need for friends can take a look, I hope this tutorial will be helpful to you.