How to turn off settings for User Account Control

Win10 install or run software pop-up user account control window of the two solutions

Windows10 system to run some software or installation, frequent pop-up “user account control” window, inexplicable notification of such an interruption, affecting the efficiency of the office. What is the way to permanently close the Win10 account control pop-up window reminder, the method of course, this tutorial introduces you to two ways to close the “User Account Control” window, for you to choose!

Method 1:

1. Use the shortcut key [Win] + [i] to open the [Settings], in the search box to find the [Control Panel] and click to open.

2. Click [System and Security] in [Control Panel].

3. In the [System and Security] window, find [Change User Account Control Settings] under [Security and Maintenance] and click on it.

4. In the open [User Account Control Settings] window, pull the slider on the left to the bottom of the [Never Notify], click [OK], the pop-up window is closed.

Method 2:

1. Use the shortcut key [Win] + [R] to open the [Run], and in the input box enter the code [msconfig] click [OK], enter the [System Configuration].

2. After opening [System Configuration], select [Tools].

3. In [Tools], click [Change UAC Settings] and click [Startup].

4. In the pop-up [User Account Control Settings] window, pull the slider on the left to the bottom of the [Never Notify],, click [OK], pop-up window close complete.

In summary, the method of closing Win10 account control pop-up window reminder, the operation steps are very simple, you can choose one of the methods to close.

User Account Control, that is, when we use the computer to make changes that require administrator-level privileges, the system will pop up a message to prompt us.

Tools / raw materials: asus x555li, win10 professional, local settings

1, mouse click on the desktop in the lower left corner of the “Start Menu” icon, in the pop-up window, select the “Control Panel” to enter.

2. In the Control Panel interface, change the “View mode” to “Category” and select “System and Security”.

3. In the System and Security interface, select the “Change User Account Control Settings” option under “Action Center”.

4, at this time the computer will pop up the “User Account Control Settings” window, the button to the bottom of the “Never Notify” position, and finally click “OK!

Win10 system to close the UAC account control method

In the Win10 system, there is also an increase in the UAC user account control function, although it can help prevent malicious programs from damaging the computer, but when the user opens some of the software, it will always pop up the user account control prompts, obviously the software is safe or there will be a prompt, it is very annoying. Win10 system to how to close the UAC account control it, the following with the editorial take a look at the specific closing method for your reference.

Specific closing method:

1, in the administrator account premise, right-click “this computer”;

2, click on Properties;

3, click on the “security and maintenance”;

4, click “Change User Account Control Settings”;

5, in general, it looks like this;

6, change it to as shown in the screenshot, OK.

On the Win10 system to turn off the UAC account control method is introduced to you to this side, if you do not like this feature of the users can take the above steps to turn off on it.

How to turn off User Account Control

The way to turn off User Account Control prompt in Win10.

1, in the keyboard press “win + R”. 2, and then in the pop-up window of the Run window, type: msconfig, click OK. 3, and then in the pop-up window, select Tools, to find the “change UAC settings to change user account control settings”, click “start”. 4, adjust it to “never notify”. “The following is a list of all the options that are available to you in the UAC.

UserAccountControl (abbreviated as UAC) is a control mechanism used by Microsoft in its Windows Vista and later operating systems. The principle is to inform the user whether or not to authorize applications to use the hard drive and system files, in order to help prevent malicious programs (sometimes called “malware”) from damaging the system. UserAccountControl is a new set of infrastructure technologies in Windows Vista (and later operating systems) that can help stop malicious programs (sometimes called “malware”) from corrupting a system, as well as help an organization deploy a more manageable platform. platforms that are easier to manage.

With UAC, applications and tasks always run in the security context of a non-administrator account, except when an administrator specifically grants administrator-level access to the system. UAC prevents the automatic installation of unauthorized applications and prevents inadvertent changes to system settings. User Account Control (UAC) is a core security feature in newer versions of Windows and is one of its many most commonly misunderstood security features.