How to turn off webpage background music autoplay

laptop win7 system how to permanently close the web page background music [graphic tutorials]

Now many people have developed the habit of listening to songs while surfing the Internet, win7 system to open some web pages will come out of the web page comes with the background music, so that and itself listening to the music conflict, the sound has become very noisy. Many users asked what method can close the web page background music, in the face of this problem, small research for you to solve the problem of closing the playback web page background music method.

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1, in the Win7 computer system, click on the taskbar at the music icon, and then in the pop-up panel, select the “Music Synthesizer”;

2, in the open Music Synthesizer panel, you can view the operation panel;

2, in the open Music Synthesizer panel, you can view the operation panel;

3, the browser under the music set the volume level, will be muted;

4, then in the start panel, click on the “Control Panel” – “Internet Options”;

5, in the Internet Options, switch to the “Advanced” tab;

6, in the Settings panel to uncheck the “play animation in the web page” and “play sound in the web page “and then click the OK button.

7, so that when you listen to their own music, you will not be in the web page of the background music affected, the need for friends can be based on the above method of operation to solve.

Laptop Win7 system to turn off the web page background music method explained here, we can seriously listen to the song and preview the web page, will not encounter such a situation.

How to turn off your computer’s autoplay

I believe that many of you hate your computer’s autoplay feature, so how should we turn it off? Below I will share with you the way to turn off the autoplay feature, come and enjoy it.

Close the autoplay function of the method

First, the attribute setting method

If you want to close a single removable storage device “autoplay” function, the operating steps are as follows:

1, click “Start ¡ú My Computer”;

2, under “Devices with Removable Storage”, right-click the desired device, such as a digital camera or CD-ROM drive, and then click “Properties”;

3, click “AutoPlay”. Click the AutoPlay tab, then click Multimedia Content to Change, then check the Select an action to perform checkbox, then click Do not perform action. “Do not perform the action. Repeat for the other multimedia types, and then click OK.

For removable storage devices other than CD-ROM drives, they must be connected to the computer before they appear under Removable Storage on My Computer.

Second, the group policy method

If you want to disable WindowsXP’s autoplay feature all at once, then please follow the steps below:

1, click “Start ¡V Run”, in the “Open” box, type “¡§Open¡¨. box, type “gpedit.msc”, click “OK” button, open the “Group Policy” window;

2, in the left pane of the “Local Computer Policy”, expand the “Computer Configuration ¡ú Administrative Templates ¡ú System”, and then in the right pane of the “Settings” under the heading, double-click the “Turn off autoplay”;

3, click the “Settings” tab, check the “Enabled” checkbox, and then in the “Turn off autoplay” box. AutoPlay” box, click “All Drives”, click the “OK” button, and finally close the “Group Policy” window.

This same “Turn off autoplay” setting also exists in User Configuration. However, the setting in Computer Configuration takes precedence over the setting in User Configuration. It is important to note that the “Turn off autoplay” setting does not prevent the autoplay of music CDs. To prevent autoplay of music CDs, you’ll have to use the Properties method.

Second, the registry settings method

Click “Start” “Run” type regedit and then the following order of operation on the type

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER/ 20: Optical drives, 40: RAM drives, 80: Unknown types, FF: All types.

If you want to disable a type of autoplay, use the corresponding value directly, and if you want to disable several types, use the value of their numerical sum,

such as 95=1+4+10+80, 91=1+10+80, b5=1+4+10+20+80. “NoDriveAutoRun” specifies to disable autoplay by disk drive

This is the only way to disable auto-run. p> Computer web page automatically close how to do

1, computer poisoning. The first thing you need to do is to get your hands on a new computer, and you’ll be able to do it on your own, so you’ll be able to get your hands on a new computer.

The solution: you can download the antivirus software on the Internet and scan the whole computer, or use the system repair function in 360 to deal with the browser.

2, the browser plug-in is not compatible. After the browser is opened, it will automatically load some plug-ins, if some of the plug-ins running with the browser is incompatible, there will be a web page automatically closed phenomenon. At this point, we need to check whether the browser is running too many plug-ins caused by the appropriate deactivation of some plug-ins.

Solution: Click Tools in the menu bar, and then open the “Internet Properties” button, and then in the pop-up interface, we click the “Programs” button, and then click the “Manage Add-ons” button, and then we close some of the less commonly used, thus reducing browser compatibility issues.

How to turn off the automatic hibernation of the computer

Let’s take Win7 as an example to teach you how to set up. First open the control panel.

Find Power Options.

Find “Change computer sleep time”.

To put the computer to sleep select Never.

Find “Change computer sleep time”.

How to turn off automatic music playing on web pages

Go to Internet Options – Advanced – Settings and turn off playing music on web pages. This will only stop background music on web pages though.

The above method does not work for music played by plug-ins such as the windows mediaplayer plug-in. For this kind of music, you can disable the related items in IE add-ons to prevent the music from playing.

Alternatively, you can turn off the music by pressing the stop button next to the browser’s refresh button while the page is open. However, this will stop the download of other information on the page, such as photos.

So the best thing to do is to mute it.

Why the computer landing page automatically play background music

Music is the background music of the web page, will automatically play, tools —- internet options —- advanced —- pull down the scroll bar —- “play the sound in the web page” in front of the hook removed! 。。。。 Thanks for adopting