How to type space symbols in dungeon names

dnf how to play a blank name

dnf play a blank name method:

1, enter the “select role” interface.

2, click on the character name change to modify the interface. Click Modify.

3. Enter the character you prepared in advance, not the space name, and “available ID” will appear, meaning it is available. Click “Confirm”.

4. Don’t click “Yes” on this screen, just drag the box that pops up to the side.

5. Click “Modify”.

6, then you can enter the name of the ready space in the box that pops up, PS: input space to use the V1 space, not with the space bar input. V1 input method: switch to intelligent ABC input method, type V directly after the point 1 and then press the space bar can appear.

7, lose a good space name click on the right side of the repeat button.

8, click OK and then click Confirm.

9. Click Yes.

10, then the blank name is complete.

Troupe name typing special symbols strategy dnf adventure troupe name how to type spaces

Typing the symbol “” in front of your name is enough. What it stands for is spaces. Use smart ABC’s or Sogou press V plus F1 below 1. Press in a row. The first is. After pressing the carriage return will come out…!

Game name space how to type out

1, change the input method to “intelligent ABC”, and enter the letter V +1 (fast input), the first is the space. Change the input method to five-stroke input method, when the input of a word is finished, press the space on the screen, and then press the space bar. You if you turn on the word association function, press enter followed by space.

2, to the King of Glory, for example, using special symbols to type blank names. Automatically pop up the input method, using Sogou, click on the smiley face icon, which is an emoticon. Will come out a lot of expressions, choose the last one, a lot of special characters that. Find the characters that represent the constellation, click to enter a few.

3, mobile game playing blank name method: want blank name, the King of Glory is certainly there, not to mention download and install. Change the new area to open the new area to create a role, change your name to buy a name change card. Will automatically pop up the input method, with the Sogou, I do not know what you use, click on the smiley face icon, that is, emoticons.

4, space players only need to enter the corresponding space before and after the input text, the game will be displayed as blank. () directly copy () the code in brackets, to the front or back of the name can be, this method is somewhat similar to the first.

dnf name how to type space if you make a name that is all blank


Dnf name how to type space:

Now it is not possible.

Before, you could utilize a name change card. With Sogou Input Method V1 the first is a space, and then play your ID, such as:

MaMaDa, (this ID has a space in front of it); the system will prompt the inclusion of special characters that can not be used or a space; directly enter the “MaMaDa” (without a space), remember not to point to confirm; cancel and repeat the first step, the system will pop up two prompt boxes. The system will pop up two tips box, choose to use this ID.

2. dnf game name to play space method:

Buy a role to change the name of the card

Input method to switch to the smart ABC

Press the a key (in fact, randomly lose a letter of the English alphabet can be)

Press the three times (remember to press the three times) “(that is, the second key to the left of the enter key)

Double-click the enter key

Flip to the last page, you will see several empty words, randomly choose one

Delete the 2 words before and after the 2 that you chose (so that you can type out the space)