How to write a good soft copy to send to your friends

Friends circle soft text marketing 7 writing skills

In the WeChat circle of friends to be well reflected in the effect of soft text marketing, it is inevitable to make reasonable use of WeChat to our free marketing tools, such as our daily will never forget to share the circle of friends, one of the original new media platforms of WeChat public number, the strange befriending channel drift bottle, shake a shake and the nearby people, in order to be better shown through these five forms of soft text marketing effect, then also know the importance of graphic illustration and text. These five forms of better show the effect of soft text marketing, then you also need to know the importance of graphics and text.

It is important to know that the earliest definition of the circle of friends is to share, share our daily life and work status, WeChat’s original intention must be to hope that we can share useful information with each other, friends can be more in-depth understanding of the spirit of the boring world we can encourage each other to refuel, just do not know that we gradually put their own “business”. “also brought into the circle of friends, whether it is the company’s business or micro-merchants to sell goods, we began to pay attention to the circle of friends in the publicity campaign ~ so you know how to better through the circle of friends to push the soft text? In fact, there are tips, the next will share these tips to you.

Tips 1: Graphics are important

All text or all pictures will not be looked at carefully, only the appropriate graphics can make the soft play the role of the proper. How to release the graphic of the circle of friends, Jing Jing will not go into detail ha, we send a circle of friends so long must have been experienced, ha ha.

Skill two: picture white understanding?

What is picture white space? That is, when we send pictures will generally be in accordance with the normal thinking, send 1, 3, 6, 9 neat layout, but there is a kind of person is obsessive-compulsive disorder, so if you send pictures when you choose to send 2, 4, 5, 7, 8, he will be their own habits “forced” to look at you this circle of friends, and then you know this! Tips seem to feel quite boring, but maybe it is just a little bit of a distraction, right? I’m not sure if you’re going to be able to do that.

Tip 3: the circle of friends interaction is very important

We are doing WeChat marketing this is also very important, that is, you do not just be seen by others, you have to learn to see others, see others do not just praise, but also appropriate message comments, but do not send ads, or it will be deleted, the loss is not worth it. More interaction, and others to become friends, there will be further possibilities, interaction are not, friends are not, what makes others believe that you buy products with you? With you to buy services?

Tip 4: Learn to use the comment area

We must have found a problem when we send a circle of friends, that is, if the editor’s text is too long, it will be folded up, no matter how wonderful your content others only point to open the fold to see the full text, right? So many people do not open can not be seen, this time you have to do? Comment area can help you solve this problem, you just need to use a simple description in the circle of friends, with a good picture, and then put the key content in the comment area.

Tip 5: Jealousy screen

Screen is dead, there is no reason, who do not want to see a series of ads, right? Do not pull black you also shield you, for you is not a major loss?

Technique six: micro letter soft text is not too long, the main highlight is a different form of presentation.

Friends circle is really not suitable for long soft text, because really no one has time to read a long article in the circle of friends, and just said that even if the release will be folded without much significance, if all in the comment area and the suspicion of screen brush with the risk of being black, so the circle of friends is not suitable for the release of long-form soft text. Although you can’t publish a long soft text, but we can replace the other novel form of advertising show, of course, not too hard ha~

Tip 7: Let the circle of friends as rich as possible, not too commercialized.

Too much advertising without private life, credibility is low, naturally no one will pay attention to you, over time shoot you is sooner or later, the circle of friends is a place to share, is a place that should have a human face, in addition to the ads you have to have their own lives, you should also share with everyone pleasant and your personal feelings, others know you, understand you, you will only have a future between you, only ads of the circle of friends, the only thing that will go down is the ads.

I want to write a paragraph of soft text in the circle of friends to tell everyone I want to start doing micro-business, how to write?

1, a friend said I lost a lot of weight. Today to weigh, really thin a lot. 30 days ago, I 180 pounds, and today, I 130 pounds. I’ve really lost a lot of weight. I’d like to know the secret of my thinning down? I’m not sure if you want to know the secret of my slimming down, but I’ll tell you.

2, everyone, today I have to do micro-business. To shield early shield, support me point a praise, earn money to you send red packets. Thank you for looking so beautiful but also support me to do micro-business.

Expanded information:

Micro-merchants friend circle skills:

1, set the grouping

Each add a new fan, in the communication to understand some of the personal situation, such as interests, places, occupations, time, constellations, etc., playing the corresponding label. And regularly return to the fans, or check the circle of friends, update or add new tags.

2, the quality of advertising

A good copywriter is self-convincing. If you post 18 ads and only one of them impresses, then the other 17 ads are meaningless. It’s not about having a lot of ads, it’s about being precise.

3, back to the fans

Frequently sending ads will wear out a lot of fans, make them bored, and even pull black. WeChat’s fans are to be maintained, operated by heart, they will pay for your behavior. Therefore, from time to time to do some activities to give back to the fans, such as sending red packets, send small gifts, etc., to enhance the fans of your good sense.

To create a hundred hundred friends never get tired of seeing how to write a good soft text?

One, looking for the soft text of the news from the head

The so-called news from the head, refers to the objective facts as the basis or opportunity for news dissemination, is a fact so become the basis of the news. To put it bluntly, it is the reason why the news is adopted and published by the editor. If you want to write soft copy like news, first of all, you have to find news for the content you write. For example, the product, service, company you advertise has a particularly significant event or breakthrough, which constitutes the reason for the media to report on you, you also have a news cause.

Second, write a soft text with timeliness

An important sign of news is timeliness, to write a soft text like news, we have to give the soft text timeliness. A soft text with timeliness, not only will be like the news, but also on the editor to produce a kind of pressure not to use or late use will be out of date, increase the probability of editorial adoption. However, the general product promotion is about the product features and benefits of the bland introduction, how can it be current? An important method is to eventize the soft copy, set up an event or story that has just happened, and give the soft copy timeliness through characterization, description of the event, or commentary on the event. In it, the content you want to publicize combined into it, you can reach the desired dissemination effect.

Three, add news elements to the soft text

You can make the soft text more like news by writing events or writing stories. For example, you can write a romantic love story or a beauty event, so that the main character in it has a connection with cosmetics. To write an event or story, you have to use the six elements of news – time, place, characters, (the) cause, passage and result of the event – to make the soft copy more like news. You also have to make the story or event appealing, which can be done in two ways: one is the novelty and twists of the event, no one will want to read a story that is flat; the other is that the story should be contagious, with appropriate emotional descriptions. Be careful here, even though your story is made up, it must be reasonable and well-intentioned, do not talk nonsense, not to mention some words of conscience.

Four, focus on the article structure of the soft article

Using the structure of the news to write a soft article is another method. In the format can be written in accordance with the general structure of the news, that is, in accordance with the title, the introduction, the main body, the background, the conclusion of the five parts to write. Such a way of writing is not only news editors are willing to accept, but also easy to be accepted by readers. If your writing skills are not very high, generally to take the form of an inverted pyramid to write, that is, the most important and most attractive part of the title and introduction to write, the other parts of the main body and background, conclusion, the benefits of such writing is that many people have only look at the title and the introduction and then decide whether to read down the habit, you can first ensure that the most important information will be passed on to the reader.

Fifth, commercial content implantation to be clever

In addition to the soft text written to get links, most of the soft text to do business publicity, then how to integrate the commercial content organically in the soft text, without revealing the publicity? Here should pay attention to the following points.

One is in the title of the news and the introduction, only the brand or the most important propaganda language, do not make a big deal about the product features, characteristics listed therein. And in the title or introduction should set a certain suspense, attract readers to read down.

The second is to place the most important keywords in the title or introduction, because you write the soft text also want to be included in the search engine and readers to search for, and search engine inclusion is the title of the article and the introduction of this part of the text, the keywords are placed here, readers will find it once the search.

Third, the product will bring a customer’s benefits concisely written in the theme and conclusion, this part is also very important.

Fourth, the product efficacy performance and other minor promotional content in the background material, the so-called background information of the news is related to the text, to assist in reading, but even here you do not write in an advertising tone, editors and readers will be annoyed at first glance. You have to use the tone of writing a popular science article objectively and appropriately introduce the special features of the product, in order to facilitate the reader to read and understand, the editor will keep this paragraph for you.

How to write softwares

How to write softwares? I summarized the following points:

Find the direction of their own writing is good at, to teach you a very good way to use —- on the platform to send soft text, it can be a small red book, jitter, Jane book, or media channel aggregation platform, such as the operation of the operation are using the media box, etc., the good content is not necessarily a big explosion, but the bad content will not be a big hit. Whether you are through the media to promote the brand & product, public number soft, write small red book grass copy, or do jittery live, Taobao e-commerce or do Jinduoduo, you need to have good copywriting content available, then good copywriting need to GET what skills?

01 3 seconds to make others want to click on

If you are given 5 hours to write copy, spend 3 hours thinking about the title! Users quickly browse too much information every day, look at a glance to determine whether to click on, nothing rational and sophisticated analysis, your chances are as long as that 3 seconds!

So what are the criteria for a good title? Must have a fresh and interesting, strong dissemination of the two major elements of the common forms are: questioning, dialog quoted type, love story type, digital type, curious type, trolling type. To excel in the use of celebrity effects and digital symbols and the latest trends, etc., from a completely altruistic point of view, to attract the attention of the reader.

02 There are pain points

Words can’t create desires, but they can evoke hopes, dreams, fears, or aspirations that already exist in the hearts of millions. We use our eyes to judge beauty, our noses to smell, our ears to hear, our mouths to taste, our bodies to touch, when we go to know and explore the world, all intuitive experiences and feelings are perceived by our senses, so the text has to have a sense of picture, to set a scene.

Using the reader’s herd mentality, self-compensatory psychology, respect, and self-actualization needs, to find the pain points of certain types of people and then give to solve their pain points, we do not encourage to create anxiety, but rather to solve the reality of a problem.