Huawei package installer storage can not be deleted

Packaged installer too occupied memory how to remove

How to operate: Huawei cell phone as an example, open the phone, click on the desktop settings button, enter the phone’s system settings page, click on the search box, and then search for packaged installer, click on the search results, and then clear the data to complete the operation.

Phone tips: 1, Huawei nova7Pro has a flight mode, you can disconnect all network connections, open the phone, slide down from the top of the screen, open the control center of the phone, this function can be turned on.

2, Huawei nova7Pro support WeChat cleanup, open the phone, click on the desktop of the cell phone butler APP, open the software page, click on the cleanup acceleration, to find WeChat option, click on the “go clean up” can be cleaned.

3, Huawei nova7Pro has a file management function, you can view the files according to the classification, open the phone, click on the file management APP, enter the file storage page, and then manage the files can be.

Why does it show that the installer is taking up memory in Huawei phone? And I can’t clear it, how can I clear it please? I tried all kinds of methods

If the owner’s phone shows that the installation package has occupied the phone storage space, we suggest that you go directly to the phone’s file management, to find the installation package files directly delete it, or you can also use the cell phone butler to scan and clean up should also be able to clean up these files.

How to delete the software in the installation package of Huawei phone

You can delete it. Refer to the following operation can be.

1, open the file management.

2. In the file management category page, the software automatically categorizes the data in the phone and selects the application games.

3, this new page, click on the installation package, you can see the installation package in the phone.

4, long press the installation package to choose to delete it, click on the other installation package after the checkmark can be multi-select.