Information Center Number Search Hebei Langfang

What is the number of the information center of Unicom in Langfang

Hello: The number of the information center of Unicom in Langfang is +8613010180500, if you need help, you can also call the Unicom customer service hotline 10010 consulting.

Hebei short message service center number

Rangfang, Hebei: +8613800316500

One, China Mobile SMS service center set method

For China Mobile SMS service center number is +861380xxxx500, where xxxx is your long-distance telephone area code, less than 4 on the complement 0, such as my Wuhan is 027, after 0 is 0270, should be +8613800270500, Shanghai is 021, after 0 is 0210, should be filled with +8613800210500. The Wuhan is 027, make up 0 is 0270, should be +8613800270500, Shanghai is 021, make up 0 is 0210, should be filled with +8613800210500.

By the way, China Mobile’s SMS service center number in the use of long-distance area code, is the long-distance telephone area code with the China Telecom, which is also just to show that the China Mobile is from the original China Telecom.

Second, China Unicom SMS service center setup method

Before using the SMS function, you should first confirm your area Unicom has opened the short message service, for details, please ask the local customer service 1001.

For China Unicom, Unicom’s SMS service center number is not like the China Mobile, the rules are more complex, can only be obtained by checking the table method, in order to facilitate the number listed as follows:

For the convenience of everyone, I have listed the number of

Shandong +8613010171500 or 008613010171500

Jiangsu +8613010341500 or 008613010341500

Zhejiang +8613010360500 or 008613010360500

Fujian +8613010380500 or 008613010314500

Fujian +8613010380500 or 008613010314500

Fujian +8613010380500 or 008613010314500

Fujian 8613010380500 or 008613010380500

Sichuan+8613010811500 or 008613010811500

Chongqing+8613010831500 or 008613010831500

Hainan+8613010501500 or 008613010501500 or 008613010501500

Hei Long Jiang+8613010980500 or 008613010980500

Jilin +8613010911500 or 008613010911500

Tianjin +8613010130500 or 008613010130500

Hebei +8613010180500 or 008613010180500

Inner Mongolia +8613010950500 or 008613010950500

Shanxi +8613010701500 or 008613010701500

Anhui +8613010305500 or 008613010305500

Xinjiang +8613010969500 or 008613010969500

Qinghai +8613010776500 or 008613010776500

Gansu +8613010879500 or 008613010879500

Ningxia +8613010796500 or 008613010796500

Guizhou +8613010788500 or 008613010788500

Yunnan +8613010868500 or 008613010868500

Hunan +8613010731500 or 008613010731500

Hubei +8613010710500 or 008613010710500

Guangdong+8613010200500 or 008613010200500

Guangxi+8613010591500 or 008613010591500

Henan+8613010761500 or 008613010761500

Jiangxi +8613010720500 or 008613010720500

Liaoning +8613010240500 or 008613010240500

After you have set up the SMS service center number, you can test it. Edit a short message and send it to yourself to check if the SMS center is set up correctly. If you can receive it properly, it means you are done. This is the easiest and fastest way to test your SMS service center settings.

What is the SMS center number for Unicom number in Hebei province?

The SMS center number of China Unicom in Hebei Province is +8613010180500.

Expanded information:

1、SMS center number is the information center number, it is a kind of short message server, if you fill in the wrong one, the short message can not be sent successfully, and each region has its own information center number.

2, to view the SMS center number method: click on the main screen of the “phone”, select “dialing keypad”, and then enter “*#5005*7672#”, click “call”, and then enter “*#5005*7672#”. Then click “Call”, you can see the SMS center number of your iPhone.

3, Hebei Unicom cell phone SMS center number set: in the dialing interface, enter *5005*7672* +8613010180500#, click “call”, complete the setup.

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