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Which is the best free version of computer data recovery software?

Seven good computer data recovery software

There are a lot of data recovery software on the Internet, but different software has different functions, and there are fewer free ones, here are a few better data recovery software.

Note: Hard disk data recovery is never 100% restore all files. In addition, some of the deleted files for a long time if the recovery, may not be able to open, because the recovery of the file “surface” was covered off some of the picture will appear in the lower part of the missing, Word documents appear garbled, compressed packages are damaged and other issues, this is a normal situation.

1, EasyRecovery

EasyRecovery is a very professional hard disk data recovery tool, EasyRecovery has a disk diagnostics, data recovery, file repair, E-mail repair and other functions. With EasyRecovery, you can get back mistakenly deleted, virus corrupted files, formatted disks easily.


1. Disk Diagnostics

Drive Test, tests for potential hardware problems;

SMART Test: monitors and reports on potential disk drive problems;

Disk Monitor: detailed information on disk drive space usage;

Partition Test: analyzes the existing file system structure ;

Data Advisor: creates self-booting diagnostic tool disks.

2. Data Recovery

Advanced Recovery: Use advanced options to customize data recovery;

Delete Recovery: Find and recover deleted files;

Formatted Recovery: Recover files from formatted volumes;

Raw Recovery: Recover without any file system structure information;

Continue Recovery : continues the saved data recovery session;

Emergency Boot Disk: creates an emergency boot disk.

3. File Repair

ACCESS Repair: Repair corrupt database;

EXCEL Repair: Repair corrupt spreadsheets;

POWERPOINT Repair: Repair corrupt presentations;

WORD Repair: Repair corrupt WORD documents;

ZIP Repair: Repair corrupt or invalid ZIP files.

4. Mail Repair

Repair corrupt MICROSOFTOUTLOOK files;


2. R-Studio

R-Studio is a data recovery, anti-deletion tool that uses new recovery technology to provide complete data recovery using disks partitioned in FAT12/16/32, NTFS, NTFS5 (for Windows) and Ext2FS (for Linux).


1. Provides disk recovery for all major file systems, including FAT12/16/32/exFAT, NTFS, NTFS5 (created or updated by Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/2008/Win7), HFS/HFS+ (Macintosh ), LittleandBigEndianvariantsofUFS1/UFS2 (FreeBSD/OpenBSD/NetBSD/Solaris), and Ext2/Ext3/Ext4FS (Linux).

2. Recover damaged or corrupted disk partitions

3. Recover data from repartitioned or reformatted hard drives and disks.

4, Raw file search by customized user-defined file types (scanning for known file types).

5. Advanced file prefetcher; allows you to estimate the chances of success of disk recovery before purchase.

6. Flexible, scalable file search function – easy recovery regardless of file size.

7. Intelligent processing of damaged parts.

8, Backup and restore disk imaging (locally or over the network). Image files are compatible with R-DriveImage.

9, BootableR-StudioEmergency (start-up) version securely eliminates any data storage device (hard disk, flash drive, external drive, etc.) for reuse, processing, or transfer; even works on computers that don’t boot.

10. Disk recovery via local area network (LAN) or the Internet.

11, professional RAID (disk array) recovery features that match or exceed competitive stand-alone array recovery products.

12, advanced text/hexadecimal editor can support different data patterns, such as boot record, master file table (MFT) and so on. Such patterns may take custom creation.

13, advanced disk copy module.

3. RecoverMyFiles

RecoverMyFiles is a data recovery software especially for formatted files, a few seconds to scan and recover deleted files, the operation is extremely simple, it is the nemesis of the deletion software.

Software Features:

1. Recover Files:

(1) Lost or deleted files;

(2) Recycle Bin is emptied;

(3) Program crashes and so on.

This search applies to:

Files are deleted and the Recycle Bin is emptied, files bypass the Recycle Bin and are deleted directly, files are deleted directly by viruses, Trojans, etc.

2. Recovery Drive:

(1) Reinstallation of the system;

(2) System Recovery;

(3) Accidental Formatting;

(4) Damage to or loss of the disk drive letter or lost.

It applies, when WINDOWS prompts you “Do you want to format this drive?” , the partition does not show up in WINDOWS, and WINDOWS reports that the drive is corrupted.

4, Kingsoft Data Recovery

Kingsoft Data Recovery Master is a Kingsoft hand-made universal data recovery software, it can be as far as possible to recover your accidentally deleted or disk damaged data, to ensure that the safety of your files, very practical.

Application features:

1, recover accidentally deleted files, accidentally deleted files, a key to retrieve.

2. Recover misformatted hard drive, reinstallation of the system leads to formatted hard drive, disk partition.

3, U disk, cell phone card, camera card mobile storage devices are all fixed.

4, disk damage, accidental loss of data, easy to help you get back.

5, Super Hard Disk Data Recovery Master

Super Hard Disk Data Recovery Software is a simple to use and powerful file recovery software, can recover deleted, formatted, partition loss, repartitioning, or partition prompted by the formatted data. It uses the latest data scanning engine to read the original sector data from the bottom of the disk in a read-only manner, and after advanced data analysis algorithms, the lost directories and files are scanned to recreate the original partition and the original directory structure in memory, which gives you a very good data recovery result.

Software features:

1. Super Anti-Delete File Recovery Algorithm, for the FAT32 partition was deleted by the Shift + Del perfect recovery of files, can be recovered after other software recovery out of the damaged files. For the case of new files deposited to cover the file name, this software can scan the file data in the remaining space on the disk to recover by the file header, as far as possible, to recover the accidentally deleted data.

2. Super Anti-Fat Partition Recovery algorithm, when scanning a partition that has been formatted, scans the directory files of FAT/FAT32, NTFS and exFAT filesystems at the same time, and automatically rebuilds the directory structure of the original partition in memory for recovery, without having to format the partition back to its original type.

3. The super partition table scanning recovery algorithm can scan the partition information of the whole disk and list all the partitions to be recovered in a few minutes for any hard disk that has no partitions, or the partition table is damaged or repartitioned. The scanned partitions can be separated from the current normal partitions and highlighted in bold blue, and the flash scan partition algorithm can scan both MBR and GPT partitions at the same time, which saves a lot of time compared to other recovery tools.

4, Super FAT directory reorganization algorithm, for deleted or formatted FAT/FAT32 partitions, if there are directories inside the file is particularly large number of cases will form directory fragmentation, other software recovery out of a large number of small directories is not intuitive, and our software has a FAT directory fragmentation function, may be the directory of the various directories back to the original location, directory levels. The recovery effect is particularly good.

5, super recovery algorithm by type, for file name corruption data recovery (because the disk file system file name records and the actual file storage location is often separate, part of the coverage will destroy the file name, while the content may not be destroyed), the software can be scanned by the characteristics of the file header to recover that part of the file did not cover the file to the scanning of the file to the intelligent naming, such as for the Word document to extract the summary of the author of the title and other information as the file name, the scanned file is more intuitive and clear.

6, special file recovery by type, for Office2007 this new file format is fully compatible, support for XLSX/PPTX/DOCX file format to recover data; for the RAW digital camera pictures, support NEF file recovery and CR2 file recovery.

7, CHKDSK after the formation of the *.CHK file recovery, for such FILEnnnnn.CHK file, can identify the original extension, for the damage of the lost directory can also be recovered according to the directory structure, there is a good file name.

8. For NTFS partitions damaged by viruses such as USBC, double-click to open the disk drive will indicate that the disk is not formatted or the root directory is corrupted and unreadable, we have provided a special recovery, which can completely list the root directory of the complete recovery of its data.

9, super exFAT file system recovery capabilities, full support for exFAT partition recovery, including deleted, formatted, repartitioned and other situations, for deleted exFAT files, after scanning will automatically check the file damage and file status in the description; for the formatted exFAT partition, even if it is formatted into other file system types, can automatically scan out the original exFAT partition. For formatted exFAT partitions, even if they have been formatted into other file system types, the original exFAT directory structure can be automatically scanned; for exFAT partitions with corrupted or repartitioned partition tables, the original partition data can also be searched by flash scanning the partition table. With integrated directory defragmentation, even large directories in an exFAT partition can be analyzed through directory defragmentation and intelligently merged into the original directory without being split into multiple smaller directories.

10. Intelligent file analysis function, for the deleted data by the file header to recover, the scanning of these files may be scanned and scanned to the directory inside the file overlap, the software can intelligently identify the duplicate files, the duplicate files are automatically eliminated, to avoid duplicate recovery of the file to avoid occupying disk space.

11, custom file recovery function, adding a user-defined file header to recover the function, you can study and compare the characteristics of some special data file format to set the file header to recover the data (suitable for professional data recovery), when the file name is corrupted, all the file recovery software can not be scanned out of the file, you can use the software’s custom file header recovery function to scan the file body data. file body data.

12. Optimize the recovery of RAW-type partitions. The recovery algorithm is optimized for the common situation where a partition suddenly becomes a RAW-type partition and the system prompts unformatted when you turn on the system, so that the directory can be listed very quickly and you don’t need to spend a long time on scanning.

13, new fast recovery formatted partition function (original function!)

Advanced Mode
Advanced mode allows users to quickly and effortlessly create and save video and audio clips from their PCs. This is a very useful highlight feature for recovering data from hard disks that are commonly used today.

6. HootSuite Data Recovery

HootSuite Data Recovery (Free Data Recovery Software) is an easy-to-use and powerful data recovery software that can recover data that has been deleted, formatted, partitioned lost, repartitioned, or partitioned prompted to format. Download it quickly if you need it!

Software Features:

Can recover files deleted from Recycle Bin, files and directories deleted directly by Shift+Delete, fast formatted partitions, fully formatted partitions, partitions with corrupted partition tables and disk drives that cannot be opened properly, partitions deleted in Disk Management, repartitioned hard drives, files lost during partition conversion by third-party software, and so on. partition data, hard disk data that has been repartitioned, files lost during partition conversion by third-party software, etc. It can also be used to recover cell phone photos and files.

7, DiskGenius

How to get back the lost data in the computer | fast way to recover lost computer data

If the computer data is lost, you can try the following two methods to recover data:

1, file search function: press the Win key + R on the desktop, open the Run window, enter the file name or keywords, and then click on the “search”! “. The system will search the whole computer, including files on the desktop. If you find a file, you can copy it to the desktop.

2. Use data recovery software: You can use professional data recovery software to scan the lost files, such as Dr. Han Data Recovery, Super Rabbit Data Recovery Software and so on.

What are the free data recovery software?

Free data recovery software are: Mobile Phone Data Recovery Wizard, Gecko Data Recovery, PuranFileRecovery, EasyRecoveryTM (EasyRecovery China), Recuva.

1, Mobile Phone Data Recovery Wizard

Mobile Phone Data Recovery Wizard is a no-registration, no-payment, extreme speed scanning, instant data recovery software for cell phone data recovery. The purpose of this software is to help customers query mistakenly deleted contacts, text messages and call records, in the implementation of the process of all data are strictly encrypted, and will not steal customers’ private information.

2, Gecko Data Recovery

Gecko Data Recovery is an Android cell phone software that can help users to recover cell phone data, users can easily recover SMS, contacts, pictures, music videos and other files lost due to accidental deletion or system crashes and other issues with the help of this software, it is a real cell phone data recovery tool.

3, PuranFileRecovery

PuranFileRecovery is a free file recovery software, use this free version of the file recovery software can be mistakenly deleted files or data recovery, the recovery process is very simple, select the source file stored in the partition click ” SCAN”, when the scanning is complete, select the files to be recovered, click “RECOVER” to select the path can be.

Without being completely overwritten, PuranFileRecovery can recover lost partitions.PuranFileRecovery is available for Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, and XP.For both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows, it is also available in portable form, so no installation is required.

4, EasyRecoveryTM (EasyRecovery China)

EasyRecoveryTM is a data file recovery software produced by the world famous data vendor KrollOntrack. It supports recovery of data from different storage media: hard disk, CD-ROM, U disk/removable hard disk, digital camera, cell phone, Raid file recovery, etc. It can recover a variety of files including documents, forms, pictures, audio and video.

5. Recuva

Recuva can recover files from hard drives, external drives (USB drives, etc.), BD/DVD/CD disks, and memory cards.Recuva can even recover files from the iPad.Recuva is easy to use, and recovering deleted files is as simple as deleting a file.

Data Recovery Notes:

1. Check your phone’s battery level and avoid rebooting your phone, in order to be able to retrieve the data completely, avoid rewriting the data by rebooting your phone.

2, immediately stop the use of the phone, can not use the phone to take pictures, watch movies and so on. Although the lost data still stays in the memory, writing new data will overwrite the original data, and it is very difficult to retrieve the lost files when data overwriting occurs.

Any free data recovery software recommendation?

Free data recovery software (scanning preview): Hi Format Data Recovery Master

Currently, the free version of the data recovery software is relatively more, but most of the data recovery software in the file recovery success rate is limited, it is recommended that we try to choose some professional, the recovery of strong software recovery.

1, open the “data recovery software”, select the main interface of the “fast scanning recovery” mode to scan the disk for lost data.

2, select the “original data file storage location”, the file storage location can be directly selected to correspond to the data accidentally deleted disk, and click on the bottom of the “Start Scanning” can be automatically lost data on the disk to be scanned. The following is a list of the most common ways to scan a disk for data loss.

3, wait for the end of the scanning, you can also according to the file path, or file type two forms, in order to select the files we need to recover, and click on the bottom of the “Recovery” option to retrieve the lost files.