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How to play Seek the Way Daqian?

Seek the Way of the Great Thousand is a text adventure puzzle game with a historical background, the game has exquisite graphics, delicate sound effects, rich plot and novel gameplay. In the game, the player needs to play a metaphysical explorer, searching for magic stones, exploring mysterious secrets and solving puzzles in the Great Thousand Worlds. How to play this game?

First of all, you need to carefully read the various hints and plots in the game to understand the background story of the game. Each character, each event, has a profound connotation and moral. Second, you need to master the skills and strategies in the game, such as players need to be good at observation, looking for clues hidden in the picture; reasonable use of various props and skills, to solve the problem, enhance the exploration efficiency. Finally, the need to maintain patience and confidence, sometimes the process of solving puzzles may make players feel confused and frustrated, but as long as you keep your head and calm, believe in yourself, perseverance, and ultimately will find the answer.

In short, Seek the Way of the Great Thousand is a thinking and intellectual puzzle game, which helps to exercise the player’s logical thinking ability and observation ability, as well as improve the player’s cultural literacy and aesthetic cultivation. We hope that players will enjoy this game and experience unique fun and sensation in the world of Dao Hunting Daqian.

Seek Tao Daqian dodge stream strategy

Seek Tao Daqian good schools are as follows:

1, dodge stream

Dodge stream can be said to be the first version of the cap of the highest of a school of thought, because as long as the players are good luck, no matter whether it is a knockout, or blitz, or counterattacks are able to stabilize the dodge off, and the school is a very restrain the chain of attack streams. The fact is that the most important thing is that you can’t get a good deal of money for the money you’re spending on the money you are spending on the money you are spending on the money you are spending.

2, counterattack stream

Counterattack stream’s biggest advantage is the output is stable, very stable, as long as the enemy attacked himself, will be able to trigger the counterattack, the counterattack is equivalent to an additional hit a attack, so generally speaking there is no school of thought blood can be exchanged for counterattack stream, in the arena can be stable on the score, and not afraid of knockout stream, pvp The first thing you need to do is to get a good deal on your own, and then you’ll be able to get a good deal on your own.

3, halo flow


The search for a thousand is a role in the Oriental cultivation as the background of the cell phone game. In the game, the player plays a search for the road to seek knowledge of the cultivator, through the cultivation of the body, harden the body and solid essence of the continuous growth, to resolve the conflict between the heavenly way and the world to overcome the evil, preaching the world, and ultimately the feather ascension ranked in the class of the immortals. The road to immortality invites you to join us.

The world of cultivation is full of marvelous legends and strange and bizarre, attracting countless people who tend to rush to cultivate, mainly because it is believed that there exists a supreme “Tao” here, and the player will start the journey of cultivation in such a world.

The world of cultivation is divided into two camps, the immortal and the devil, and then there are the four great clans of Shushan, Kunlun, the sect of the Interceptor, and the sect of the Elucidator, and there are fights of various scales every few tens of years or hundreds of years. Cultivators in the endless struggle to find this belongs to their own “Road”.

The strongest combination of elves and monsters in the game is very important, no less important than the spirit beasts, because the elves and monsters can not only improve the player’s various aspects of the value of the player, but also in the battle to play a different effect. Today, the deep space editorial to bring you is the game’s strongest essence monster combination sharing, interested partners to take a look at it.

What is the strongest combination of the search for the road of the great thousands of

Extremely with: Xuanxianjiao + ghosts will be + Leigong

Currently the strongest set of collocation, in the fight as well as the list of the top players are the use of this set of collocation, this set of elite collocation balanced the output as well as the control, in the output of the full at the same time, and also not bad knockout probability.

First of all, the role of the Xuanmei Jiao is to increase the attack power, in the beginning of the battle will be able to directly increase their own 60% defense attack power, here need to note is that the later stage of each player’s defense is more than 200,000, so this 60% is still quite a lot of, the beginning of the game will be able to directly increase their own tens of thousands of attack power, so as to open up a gap in the panel.

The effect of the Ghost Sword is that if the enemy’s life value is higher than 60%, then the damage inflicted will be increased by 32%, this damage increase is calculated peripherally, the first calculation of the bludgeon and burst damage before calculating the damage increase, so the 32% increase is quite a lot, coupled with the Xuanmei Jiao’s increase in the attack, the early stage of the battle player’s damage to arrive at a very horrific level.

The Lei Gong is also the current version of the elite among the damage as well as control of an elite, the effect is to be able to release the skills of the pet, so that the pet additional 24% of the damage, although the damage is not much, but the additional attributes of the awesome, every trigger skills, can increase the halo of 5%, the highest can be stacked up to five, can be sustained until the end of the battle, there is no number of turns The most important thing to remember is that you can’t be a good person if you don’t want to be a good person.

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