mac trackpad malfunctioning and jumping what’s going on

What to do if the touchpad of Apple computer fails to work

Touchpad failure of Apple computer may cause a lot of trouble to users. Here are some steps that may solve the problem of malfunctioning touchpad:

1. Restart your computer

First of all, try to restart your computer which can solve some unsolvable problems and restore the touchpad to work properly.

2. Check your computer settings

Open the system settings and click on the “Touchpad” option. Make sure the trackpad is enabled and adjust the swipe, tap, click and other settings as needed. If that doesn’t solve the problem, try the following steps.

3. Clean the touchpad surface

If you use your computer for a long period of time, dust and dirt may accumulate on the surface of the touchpad, causing it to malfunction. In this case, use a clean paper towel or soft cloth to clean the touchpad.

4. Check for hardware issues

There may be hardware issues such as a non-functioning or damaged touchpad. In this case, try to have it checked and repaired at an Apple retail store or an authorized repair center.

5. Check for system updates

Sometimes, some problems may be caused by the system not being the latest version or having issues. In the system settings, you can check if there is an update to solve the problem.


These steps above can help to try to solve the touchpad malfunctioning problem on Apple computer. If the above steps do not solve the problem, please contact Apple official or authorized repair center.