Nanjing Mobile SMS Center Number

What is the number of the mobile information center in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province?

China Mobile’s SMS number is +8613800XYZ500, where XYZ is the part of your number that belongs to the area code to remove the 0, and less than three digits to make up for the 0 at the end of the number.

For example, if you have the area code of 025 in Nanjing, the XYZ corresponds to 250; if you have the area code of 0755 in Shenzhen, the XYZ corresponds to 755.

What is the SMS center number of Jiangsu Mobile?

Jiangsu Mobile Short Message Center number is 1380 + the city number + 500.

SMS Center: is independent of the wireless network of a business processing system. The main function is to submit, store and forward short messages, and complete the interoperability with networks such as PSTN, ISDN and PSPDN to deliver short messages between extended short message entities ESME and MS.

Nanjing mobile SMS center number is +8613800250500, must have +86 in front of it to work.

The SMS center numbers for Unicom and Mobile are:

China Unicom SMS Center Settings

Before using the SMS service, you should … Nanjing






Suzhou +8613800512500





Mobile Nanjing SMS center number is how much

SMS center number +8613800564500