NetEase Mail Master can’t unzip the file

Why can’t I open the zip file in Mail Master?

Why can’t I open the zip file in NetEase Mail Master? There is no way to open the zip file alone, you need to unzip it to see it.

Please ask the experts recently Netease 163 mailbox file old can not open what is the reason?

There are many reasons why you can’t open it

1, make sure that the attachment is an OFFICE file, such as WORD, EXCEL, PPT and so on.

2, confirm that your machine has installed OFFICE related components.

3, confirm that the file is not a compressed file, if so, please decompress it first.

4, confirm that the file is not damaged, if it is damaged, you can only let him send it again.

5, to confirm that your version of Office and the version of the file you want to open the same

And it is best to save the file “Save As”, save to the computer and then open.