oracle index storage location

Does oracle’s index load to automatically load into memory?

Indexes take up a hard disk and are saved in a tablespace. You can specify the tablespace, if not, it will be saved to the default tablespace.

Retrieving an index is reading the index information in the tablespace, which of course takes up a small amount of memory, but you don’t have to read it all out.

In oracle man-made database stored in which folder

In oracle man-made database stored in which folder

According to the database file, the default is oracle/oradata directory

But generally customized to modify the tablespace data file storage path, it depends on your tablespace data file

How to view the address of oracle datafile

1, the execution: selectnamefromv$datafile query tablespace datafile specific location

Results of the set of columns:



2, the implementation of: Select * FROMDBA_DATA_FILES; query tablespace data files in the specific location and file name, tablespace name, etc., than the last full.

Results set:

FILE_NAME (data file name) TABLESPACE_NAME (tablespace name) other table header ………………………..


Extended information:

Common commands for oracle database under Linux

Executed under Oracle user:


$sqlplussystem/ manager to log in to sqlplus, using the system user

$sqlplus/nolog to start sqlplus without connecting to the database, will be used to start the data

$lsnrctlstatus/stop/startoracle listener listener status view /stop/start

$impsystem/managerfile=/tmp/expfile.dmplog=/tmp/implogfile.logignore=yfromuser=expusertouser=impuser user schema table data import, here only used a few parameters. Here only use a few parameters, there are a lot of unused parameters, if you do not specify the value, use the default value.