ppt animation effects bar how to turn on the

PPT animation effect is turned off how to open?

PPT animation effect is turned off, select the content you need to add animation effects, click on the upper control bar “animation”, select the animation effect you need, and then, play the PPT, confirm that there is no error, the animation effect is successfully opened.

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How to open or close the ppt animation pane?

As follows:

First of all, open the computer, find the need to edit the PPT in the computer, and then double-click to open it, and then, after completing the above steps, in the “Animation” tab to find the animation pane option, and then click this option, the animation pane will automatically pop up on the right side of the PPT presentation so that you can call up the right animation toolbar. right side of the PPT presentation will automatically pop up, so that you can call up the right side of the animation toolbar, as shown in the figure below.

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ppt into the animation effect how to set

Open the ppt presentation file, select the second bullet point ppt page, and then switch to [Animation] [Advanced Animation] [Add Animation] button.

Select [Fly In] in the pop-up drop-down list.

Switch to the [Animation] tab and click the “Animation Pane” button in the [Advanced Animation] group.

Animation Pane pops up in the right column of the window, select Animation 1, then click the right mouse button and choose [Effect Options] in the pop-up menu.

Pop up the [Fly-in] dialog box, switch to the [Effect] tab, in the [Settings] combo box [Direction] drop-down list, select the ticket [From Left] option.

Switch to the [Timing] tab and select the [Quick (1 sec)] option in the [Period] drop-down list.

Click the OK button and then click [Play From] in the [Animation Pane] to see the effect

How to set up animation effects in Powerpoint

PPT can actually make the effect of animation, although not as powerful as flash, but for doing courseware is enough, and dynamic PPT more intuitively compare the content or picture differences.

1, first of all, create a new PPT document, the page will be set to a blank page, so that it is better to operate, and intuitively simple

2, and then create a new slide, right-click on the new on the right, so that the back of the layout and the front of the same, a total of three blank slides

3, back to the first we need to first make the button, the button can be any shape, we see their own preferences, in the insert insert can be

4, in order to be more dynamic, that is, with the effect of the button, you can adjust the opacity of the button for 50%, the button will be copied to the following slide

5, and then in the second will be the first button to pull back the opacity of the button, the third in the opacity of the second button to pull back

6, and then in the second will be the button to pull back

7, and then in the second will be the button to pull back

8, and then the button to pull back

6, then insert a picture in the second slide, the third insert another picture, now ready to do a good job, the next is to set up

7, back to the first slide, right-click on the button will appear in the operation settings, click on the right column is displayed after the time, so the change to the right

8, find the link to a column, pull down the link to the next, click on the link, OK, the same way to make the following slide

9, the link to a column, pull down the link to the next, click on the link, click on the button, OK. OK, the same way to make the next button, but there is a subtle difference, that is, when the link is linked to the slide, select the third

9, the second only need to do the following buttons can be, so the same way to link to the third, and the first button of the third is linked to the second or last

10, after doing so, after we show the slide after the first button will jump to the second, and after the following button will jump to the third, after that again after will jump between the two