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How to insert pictures into ppt template?How to insert pictures into ppt

How to add pictures into downloaded ppt template?

Steps to make pictures added to PPT templates:

1, point View menu – slide master;

2, select the root slide;

3, point Insert menu – text box — horizontal text box;

4, in the editing area point to start entering text, and then adjust the text position;

5, point slide master menu – close the master view can be.

ppt how to insert pictures 1, open the need to add pictures of the PPT file, click the “Insert” menu, in its sub-menu to find the “Picture” option: 2, click the “Picture” option. “option, this time will pop up” Insert Picture “dialog box: 3, and then on their own computers to find the pictures need to be added to the PPT, find the picture and then click the picture, and then click the” Insert “button, so that the Pictures will be added to the PPT! : 4, and finally according to their own needs to adjust the size of the picture, shape, location: 5, if you feel a picture of the add more trouble, you can also add more than one at the same time added to the PPT, and then in the PPT to adjust the size of the picture one by one, the shape of the picture, the location and other relevant parameters. In the pop-up “Insert Picture” dialog box, at the same time, select all the pictures need to be added to the PPT, and then click on the “Insert” button, so that the selected pictures are added to the PPT: 6, the above method is through the PPT itself comes with the picture Insert function to add pictures, in fact, you can use another method to achieve. On the computer to find the need to add to the picture in the PPT, and then select the picture: 7, select the picture, click the right mouse button and select “Copy” or hold down the keyboard “Ctrl + C” to copy the picture. After the picture is copied, open the PPT file, hold down the keyboard on the “Ctrl + V” to paste the picture into the PPT. How to add their own computer inside the PPT template picture as a template background

1, first of all, we open our computer, and then we open our computer above the ppt, and then we right-click on the inside of the slide;

2, and then we need to pop up the interface, we click on the set background format;

3, the interface pops up, we click on the fill color side of the drop-down arrow, the pop-up interface, we click on the selected;

4, after we click on Apply All, and then click on Close to set up a good template background. The method is very simple.

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Word document labeling page number how to start from 1

Word typesetting, often after the insertion of the cover, the page number after the cover becomes page 2. Besides, the cover is labeled with the page number is not conventional habits. Therefore, there are many people ask, if the cover is not labeled page number, and the cover does not count into the total number of pages, how to start from page 1 of the body labeled page number?

In fact, this problem can be achieved with the help of “section” and its attribute continuation of the settings to deal with. In the layout of the above chart, the cursor to the cover picture, select “Layout ¡ú Separator ¡ú Section ¡ú Next page (insert section breaks and start a new section on the next page).

After we see that the second page of the document, that is, the body of the first page of the page number is no longer the second page, but also became the first page, that has been achieved from 1 to recalculate the purpose of the page number.

So, how to remove the ugly page number below the cover? This can not be hastily go to the first page to delete the page number, because the next page of the header footer attributes are currently in the “same as the previous section” state, if it is deleted, then the body of the page number is also gone. Then you need to position the cursor in the second page of the footer, and then through the “Design” menu in the “link to the previous header” button, the footer with the previous page of the attributes associated with the “chopped! “.

After that, the cursor to the cover of the footer, click “Design ¡ú Page ¡ú Delete Page”. This cover page number is removed.

Delete the cover page number, and then back to the text of the end of the first page to view, found that the page number is still intact and is counted from 1, in line with the requirements.

From the above case can be inspired: If you need to give each chapter in a large document (or a special section) to set up a separate recount of the page number, the use of “section” delimiter, and then remove the association with the previous section, you can independently set up their own page numbers.

But you may have noticed that the total number of pages does not subtract the cover page, the last page of the page number becomes 4/5, then 5/5 this page where to go? This seems a little illogical. How to correct it? We just need to select the footer page number area 1/5 of the 5 figures, right-click the mouse, select “Edit Field”, and then change “Numberpages” to “”.

After confirming this, you will find that the total page number of the document from 5 to 4, the last page of the page number has become 4/4, the cover page is obviously no longer included, so it is logical.