Products that are not relational databases are

Which is not a relational database product

The BCODASYL system belongs to the database products of the mesh model; the DB2, ORACLE, and SYBASE systems belong to the database products of the relational database.

What are the domestic DBMS? In addition to relational database management system, there are what non-relational database management system?

Relational databases: Oracle, DB2, MicrosoftSQLServer, MicrosoftAccess, MySQL

Non-relational databases: NoSql, Cloudant, MongoDb, redis, HBase Currently the mainstream commercial databases are Oracle, Microsoft SQLServer, IBMDB2, and SybaseAdaptiveSQLServer.

And on the open-source side, there are three main mainstream databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Ingres. both types of databases have proved themselves to be capable of handling data storage and management needs.

The system does not belong to the relational database management system is: oracle,mssqlserver,imsdb2 that one?

DB2 is a series of relational database management systems exported by IBM, respectively, in different operating system platform services. Although DB2 products are based on UNIX systems and personal computer operating systems, in terms of UNIX-based systems and Microsoft Access under windows systems, DB2 pursued the ORACLE database products.

Of the common database management systems, ( ) is a non-relational database.


This question is about database management systems.

The relational model is the two-dimensional table model, and thus a relational database is a data organization composed of two-dimensional tables and the links between them. Common relational databases include Oracle, DB2, PostgreSQL, MicrosoftSQLServer, MySQL, and so on.

Non-relational databases: common are:NoSql, MongoDB, redis and so on.