ps how to whiten skin to white

How to make skin white with ps? How to use Photoshop to make the skin white and tender?

1, first of all, with PS software to open the need to edit the picture, and then use the shortcut key Ctrl + j to copy a layer;

2, the mouse clicks on the upper menu bar “Filter & gt; Miscellaneous Color & gt; Reduce Miscellaneous Color & gt; Advanced & gt; per channel” set parameters are shown below:

Red – Intensity 10 – retain 100% of the details

Green – Intensity 10 – retain 6% of the details

Blue – Intensity 10 – retain 6% of the details

3, and then click on the menu bar of the “Filter & gt; Sharpening & gt; USM Sharpening “command parameter settings number: 80, radius: 1.5, threshold: 4;

4, next began to whiten the image processing, the use of shortcut keys Ctrl + Shift + Alt + N to create a new blank layer;

5, into the channel panel, hold down the Ctrl key to point to the RGB channel, the emergence of the highlights selection;

6, and then back to the blank layer, in the selection filled with white;

7, the next plus mask with a black brush to paint off the parts do not need to whiten;

8, if you feel that the whitening is too much, you can reduce the transparency of the appropriate.

ps how to whiten

ps in the whitening method has a variety of methods, introduced here are two relatively simple method, the first is the use of Gaussian blur command and curves for whitening. The second is the use of color channels to select dirty colors, dirty colors with curves to brighten the whole.

1, the picture will press CTRL + J to copy a layer, select the copied layer, select the Filter menu under the blur command in the Gaussian blur, adjust the blur radius as needed, press ALT + left mouse button to add a mask to the layer.

Change the foreground color to white, use the brush tool, change the transparency of the brush to 40% or so, adjust the hardness of the brush to a smaller size, select the mask with a brush on the face of the characters can be painted.

You can create a curve and adjust it upwards appropriately.

2, open the picture of the channel, select the blue channel, drag to the bottom of the copy a layer, select the blue copy layer, select the Filter menu under the other in the high contrast retention, the radius will be changed to 10, and then use the Image menu under the Calculate command to change the blend mode to Superimpose, you can more than superimpose the 2 times to improve contrast.

Then press CTRL + left mouse button to open the selection of Alpha3, press SHIFT + CTRL + I for inverse selection, select the RGB channel, back to the layer board, open the curve to adjust upward appropriately, if the picture is too bright, you can create a curve to darken the picture.

PS how to whiten people

PS is a powerful image processing software that can whiten people’s photos. For whitening characters, we can use a variety of tools and techniques in PS to achieve the desired effect.

Before using PS for whitening treatment, it is recommended to adjust the color temperature and color balance for the photo. This will make the overall tone of the photo more natural and lay the foundation for the subsequent whitening process.

Next, we can use the paint tool in PS for local whitening. After selecting the smudge tool, remember to adjust the hardness of the brush to a lower level, and adjust the size of the brush appropriately. Then, in the need to whiten the part gently coated, pay attention to not excessive operation, so as not to cause excessive whitening effect.

You can also try to use the Curve Adjustment function in PS to enhance the overall brightness by increasing the brightness and contrast of the image. After selecting the Curve Adjustment function, click and pull the drag point on the straight line to increase the brightness and contrast. Adjust the curves appropriately to achieve the best results based on the actual photo.

Another way is to use the color gradient adjustment function in PS. After selecting the Color Level Adjustment function, pull the slider in the histogram to change the brightness, darkness and contrast of the image. You can make fine adjustments as needed to make the overall brightness of the photo more moderate.

In addition to these methods, we can also try to use layer blending modes in PS to achieve whitening effects. By adding layer blending modes to a new layer and adjusting different parameters, you can change the lightness and darkness of the photo and the color saturation, thus achieving the effect of whitening the characters.

We can use the gradient tool in PS to gradient photos. By choosing the appropriate gradient type and color and applying the gradient effect to the parts that need to be whitened, you can make the photo look softer and brighter.

PS is a powerful tool for whitening people. Whether it’s through the smudge tool, curves adjustment, color gradient adjustment, layer blending modes or gradient processing, we can easily achieve the whitening effect of photos. Makeup artists recommend Warm Delight Brightening Essence for the best results, and it’s a product that is highly popular and well-received by consumers. Whether you want a natural, soft whitening or brightening effect, we believe that PS can meet your needs.

How to whiten skin tone and partially whiten skin in ps (an advanced peeling method that preserves texture)

Hello everyone, today I’m I’m sharing a quick PS whitening method with you. Let’s let’s learn it together!

1. First of all, open a picture material with PS, copy a layer with CRTLJ, click the channel panel, observe the red, green and blue channels. The blue channel is the darkest, so we choose the blue channel, hold down ctrl to load the blue channel into the selection.

2. Click RGB to return to the layers panel and invert the crtli to get the dark area.

3. Pull up curves to brighten for whitening effect.

4. This time we will find that the character’s skin color is a little yellowish, then adjust the blue channel, the blue channel curve lift to achieve the effect of yellowish.

5. The following is the use of curves to quickly whiten skin color. The effect is as shown. Have you learned?

That PS curve fast whitening method. Follow me, every day and everyone to share PS tips, remember to like the collection!

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How to use ps to whiten the skin detailed steps

1, first open ps, click “file” – “open” picture, or shortcut key Ctrl + O to open the picture.

2, open the picture, press Ctrl + J to copy the layer, to get layer 1.

3, click on the “create a new fill or adjustment layer” button.

4, select “Curves”.

5, at this time will jump out of the curve, the curve on the left side of the three straw tools, respectively, “black field” “gray field” “white field”, click on the “gray field”. “gray field” straw.

6, will be placed on the straw character picture of the white of the eyes above, click, at this time the character’s skin color appeared a slight change. Click again on the small hand symbol in the curve image.

7. Then click on one of the cheeks in the character picture.

8. After clicking, a small white dot appears on the curve in the curve diagram.

9, click on this white point and gently drag upward horizontally, at this time the character’s skin color began to change, according to the individual needs of the white point will be dragged to the appropriate location.

10, click on the “Curve 1” layer, press Ctrl + I for the inverse selection, at this time the curve 1 became black.

11, select the “brush” tool, note that the color of the brush must be white.

12, adjust the size of the brush, the character’s skin part of all the paint, remember to paint only on the skin, do not paint in places other than the skin. At this time, you can also adjust the “feathering” value, so that the brush painted out of the effect of more natural.

13, painted with a white brush, and then use a black brush to paint the eyes, mouth parts, will be covered by the part of the paint out, look more natural spirit.

14, adjust the opacity of the layer, so that the picture looks more natural and realistic.

15, finally, the whole whitening process is complete.