Quintessence cell phone boot-up animation download

Can anyone provide me with a downloadable package, or material, of boot animations for Android phones

Animation material is usually found on various forums, such as the beautification section of the Wizards forum. It takes a minute or two to register a number and you can download a lot of stuff.

1, RootsExplorer open to the phone memory system/media directory, click “mount as read/write”. This will allow you to read and write to your phone’s memory

2. Find the boot animation package you want to use in RootsExplorer. (No matter what the name of the downloaded boot animation package is, it should be named bootanimation.zip in order to be recognized and applied)

3. Long-press on the bootanimation.zip, and in the pop-up menu, select “Copy”


4. Go back to the system/media directory and click “Paste”. This prompted a renamed file, select “Yes” to overwrite the original boot animation package, so that they need to replace the boot animation package into the.

5, long press bootanimation.zip again, in the pop-up menu, select “Permissions”

6, as shown in the figure below to modify the bootanimation.zip permissions, modify the completion of pressing the Press “OK”. Restart the phone can be.

Installed on the phone, open, allow access to ROOT permissions, to replace the boot animation renamed according to the picture, (I have a lot of boot animation, including Hatsune Miku dancing, need to be able to ask) and then move (must move, copy can also be, but to delete the original boot animation) to the system / media folder, long press the Start-up animation file, the start-up animation file Permissions (permissions) to modify the file and then OK on it, you can use the same method to modify the alarm, cell phone on/off ringtone, cell phone ringtone, SMS alert sound. Note: Due to the different resolution of the phone, if the boot animation modification is unsuccessful, it will lead to the black screen of the phone, it is recommended to modify the boot animation before turning on the USB debugging, so that even if the modification is unsuccessful, you can use the computer to change back.

How to change the boot animation of the Quintessence phone

Provided that the phone must be ROOT, install RE file manager.

1, open RE file manager, come to the system directory.

2, find this directory system/media, open it, you will see bootanimation.zip, this is the boot animation.

3, copy the bootanimation.zip you prepared to this folder and overwrite it.

4, this step is the most important, press and hold bootanimation.zip, the menu options appear, select the permissions, the first line to select the first two, the second and third line to select the first, and then OK on the change.

Android Boot Animation Effects Software

1. Introduction

Android Boot Animation Effects Software is a tool that can add all kinds of animation effects to Android phones. With this software, users can choose their favorite effects and apply them to the boot-up interface of their cell phones to make the screen displayed when the phone is turned on more cool and dynamic.

2. How to use

Using this kind of software is very simple. Users just need to download the corresponding software and install it on their cell phones. Then open the software, select the “boot animation effects” option in the menu, in which to choose their favorite effects can be. If you want to cancel an effect, just go to the menu again, find the corresponding option and cancel it.

3, the main features

This boot animation effects software mainly has the following characteristics:

1) Support for a variety of effects

This software can support a variety of different boot effects, including panning, rotating, blinking, fogging and so on, according to the user’s preferences to choose.

2) Simple interface

The interface of the software is relatively simple, and the operation is very simple, so even users who have never used this kind of software can easily get started.

3) Small size

Because of the small size of the software, it downloads and installs quickly, and doesn’t take up too much memory space on your phone.

4. Effect display

The boot-up effects added by this software can make the phone’s boot-up screen more vivid and cool. For example:

1) Spinning effect

This effect will make the whole boot screen keep spinning, and the effect is very stunning.

2) Fogging effect

With this effect, you can make the booting picture gradually blur and then gradually become clear again, making the booting picture extra soft.

5. Precautions

When using this kind of software, you need to pay attention to the following points:

1) Choose the right effects

Each kind of effect is applicable to different scenarios, and the user needs to choose the effect that suits him according to his own preferences, so as to avoid unnecessary troubles caused by using inappropriate effects.

2) Software source should be reliable

When downloading and installing software, you should choose a reliable source, you can go to the official website to download the software, and avoid downloading software from unknown and unreliable sources to avoid being threatened by spam and viruses.

6, Summary

Android boot animation effects software is a very practical and interesting tool that can add different effects to our cell phone interface, making the use of cell phones more vivid and rich, and further improving the experience of using cell phones. When using this kind of software, you need to pay attention to choosing the right special effects and selecting a reliable source, so as to better ensure the safety of your phone and get a better experience in using it.

Android phone boot animation extraction and recovery,

First of all, make sure that your phone and your classmate’s phone are ROOTed, and secondly, both of your phones have RE manager installed, you only need to open RE manager in your classmate’s phone, find his boot animation file and copy it to his SD card, and then use Bluetooth or drag it over to your phone’s SD card on your PC. Open RE Manager on your cell phone, first open the SD card directory, long press the drag over the animation file, long press the copy, return to the previous level, find your cell phone boot animation directory, click paste, if and your animation file with the same name will be added in the suffix on the word copy, in short, you just need to ensure that you copy the boot animation file renamed to the name of your original cell phone animation file on the line. (Provided that your RE manager must be mounted read/write) The boot animation file must be in the /system/media

directory, and the file with the suffix qmg is the boot or shutdown animation file,