round function nested if function

How to use if conditional function with round?



IF function how to match with with ROUND function to retain a small decimal point ah?

randbetween function is to generate two numbers between the random integer, if you want to generate a decimal, available in this formula:

a + (b-a)*rand()

If there is a requirement for the number of decimal places, the available ROUND function, for example, to retain the two decimal places:

=ROUND(14+2*RAND(,2)) RAND(),2)

Please ask excel function meaning: = ROUND(IF(AF5+AQ5<=0,0,IF(AK5<AJ5,0,V5*0.03+W5*0.03)),2)

ROUND(……,2), this is a rounding function, the result retain two decimal places.

IF(AF5+AQ5<=0,0,IF(AK5<AJ5,0,V5*0.03+W5*0.03))This is the IF conditional function, and nested in an IF function, if the sum of AF5 and AQ5 is less than or equal to 0, the result will be 0, otherwise, then the second layer of judgment of the IF function, if AK5<AJ5, the results is still 0, otherwise the result is V5*0.03+W5*0.03, and finally rounded up to two decimal places.

Computer level 2 office, when calculating personal income tax, why do you need round function set if function in order to calculate, directly use if function is wrong?

The use of round function is for rounding, easy to calculate the next step.