Soft exam network engineer how much to register for the exam

What is the application fee for Network Engineer in Software Proficiency Exam?

The enrollment fee for the senior qualification is 200 yuan; the enrollment fee for the intermediate qualification is 170 yuan; and the enrollment fee for the junior qualification is 160 yuan (220 yuan for information processing technicians). The registration fee may vary slightly depending on the geographical area and time of registration, and the local area shall prevail at that time.

Network engineers are network technicians who master the theoretical knowledge and operational skills of network technology through study and training. Network engineers can engage in the design, construction, operation and maintenance of computer information systems. Network engineers are divided into hardware network engineers and software network engineers two categories, hardware network engineers are responsible for network hardware and other physical equipment maintenance and communication; software network engineers are responsible for system software, application software maintenance and application.

Through the network engineer level exam qualified personnel can be based on the requirements of the application of the department of network system planning, design and network equipment, hardware and software installation and commissioning work, can carry out the operation, maintenance and management of the network system, can be highly efficient, reliable and safe management of network resources, as a network of professionals in the development of the system to carry out technical support and guidance, with the engineer’s practical work ability and business level. The practical working ability and business level of the engineer, can guide the assistant engineer to engage in the construction and management of the network system.

Network engineer certification exam need money

Need. Network Engineer certification exam according to the query China Computer Technology Professional Qualification Network that is the need for money, the examination fee is charged in accordance with the different levels, the specific costs are as follows: Junior Network Engineer: the examination fee of 600 yuan; Senior Network Engineer: the examination fee of 800 yuan. Network Engineer certificate from the category on the distinction, then, can be divided into “national certificate” and “enterprise-level certificate” two categories, including soft exam intermediate network engineer certificate belongs to the “national”, Cisco certification and Huawei certification. Cisco certification and Huawei certification for the “enterprise level”.

How much does it cost to register for the soft exam?

Soft Exam Registration Fee: It is expected to be around $68 per person per subject in most areas (Soft Exam states that you can only take one subject at a time).

Many of the world’s leading large companies such as Motorola, Lucent, Hongzhi, Morgan. Stanley, Hewlett-Packard, Nokia, Bell and even the U.S. White House, the U.S. Department of Energy and the World Bank have adopted the project management model of operation, and requires that the relevant project management personnel must have a PMP certificate.

Choosing a reliable company will often make their own exams and other more secure, and Huixiang world management consulting company limited to management training as the main core business, over the years has been focusing on project management as well as the enterprise general management field of in-depth research and exploration, has become a leading brand of China’s real-world project management, focusing on the service of the project management professionals, with an international vision of the Chinese enterprise to help We are now the leading brand of practical project management in China.

The Computer Technology and Software Professional and Technical Qualification (Level) Examination is the improvement and development of the original Chinese Computer Software Professional and Technical Qualification and Level Examination. This is a national examination led by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security (former Ministry of Personnel) and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (former Ministry of Information Industry).

The computer qualification examination is divided into five professional categories: computer software, computer network, computer application technology, information system and information service, and there are high, middle and junior professional qualification examinations in each professional category. The Ministry of Human Resources and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in accordance with the development needs of the timely adjustment of professional categories and qualification names.

The computer qualification exams have different levels for the first half of the year and the second half of the year, so the exams for most categories are held once a year. Candidates can check the “Exam Arrangement” section on the China Computer Technology Vocational Qualification website for each exam plan.

Reference: Baidu Encyclopedia-Computer Technology and Software Professional Technical Qualification (Level) Examination

Huawei Certified Network Engineer Registration Fee

Huawei Certified Network Engineer Junior Exam needs 900 yuan, Senior Exam needs 1100 yuan.

Expanding knowledge

Huawei Certified Network Engineer is an independent certification system launched by Huawei’s Certification and Procurement Department, different from the previous Huawei certification, referred to as HCIA.

At the same time, Huawei certification is a Huawei Technology Company Limited with many years of experience in information and communications technology personnel training, as well as an understanding of the development of the industry, in order to layered The Huawei certification is a certification system covering IP, IT, CT, and ICT convergence technology fields, which is an ICT all-technology field certification system, based on Huawei Technologies’ many years of experience in ICT talent training and understanding of industry development, and guided by a hierarchical vocational and technical certification.

After passing the certification, you will have a comprehensive understanding of data communication networks, and you will be certified to have mastered general network technologies for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), as well as having the ability to design SME networks and to use Huawei’s network equipment for implementation and design.

The HCNA exam has no special requirements for candidates to take the exam directly. You can choose the nearest Prometric Authorized Testing Center APTC to register and take the GB0-190 exam. To check the nearest test center, please visit the official Prometric website or ask a Prometric Authorized Test Center.

After passing the exam, you can get the “Huawei Certified Network Engineer” certificate issued by Huawei. The certificate is valid for 3 years.

Includes, but is not limited to, all of the content covered in the HCNA training material, Building SMB Networks, Volume 1 and Volume 2 courses. The majority of exam questions are from the textbook, but individual questions may go beyond what is covered in the course.

By obtaining this certificate, you will demonstrate that you have mastered the general techniques of networking for small and medium-sized businesses and have the ability to design SMB networks and implement your designs using Huawei networking equipment; you will have access to constantly updated technical and product information from Huawei; and you will be invited to participate in Huawei’s conferences, technical training, and other marketing activities.